British and Irish to be accurate šŸ‡¬šŸ‡§+ lšŸ‡®šŸ‡Ŗ
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    Had my DNA tested a few years ago. What an eyeopener! Here's the breakdown.
    British & Irish 31.8% , French & German 19.9%, 7% Scandinavian etc.
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    Ancestry Composition in more detail.
    Showing where in the world my ancestors came from. Mainly Northwestern Europe and Africa.
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    Some Southern European thrown in.
    My grandparents on my father's side were both German (so they claimed) but no genealogy or DNA testing was done on them or my father. So I was very surprised to find German so low and mixed with French, no less.
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    My sister did genealogy for our mother's side of the family. We know they were British. She traced us back to Chaucer. Fancy. 1-3 generations from me.
    More generations (2-4) to the French & German parts of me.
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    Getting further back.
    Many generations back for Ziberian and East African.
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    I'm still studying the Haplogroups.
    This essentially is trying to find the common ancestor.
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    Maternal haplogroup.
    Female do not have a parental haplogroup as we only have XX chromosome.
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    I could be related to Jesse James šŸ¤ !
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    More mystery.
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    On my first reports, it stated I shared mitochondrial DNA with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. šŸ˜²
    Mr. Gates hosts the show specifically on this subject, Finding Your Roots, how amazing to share DNA.
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    And it's confirmed, I'm related to the cavemen-accurately called,
    Although I have 267 variants, it's still less than the group they've tested. Still a Neanderthal.
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    23 and Me also tests for other likely reactions or behaviors based on the results.
    All completely accurate.
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    More info I may add later. For instance, it says I'm likely to have curly hair. Really?
    Still figuring it out. All I know is I'm one of the whitest, most European peeps at 99%
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    So Kiss Me, I'm Irish šŸ€
    100 proof DNA.
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    Update: WHEN I became who I am.
    Before 1680-East African, 1680-1800 Iberian added in, 1740-1830 got the Scandinavian elements, 1830-1890 Oo la la & Achtung baby and 1860-1920 add in the UK šŸ‡¬šŸ‡§