Business and government are different.
  1. This morning there was an article about Trump's business practices and also his treatment of women.
  2. Ok, he's a jerk where women, minorities and those he deems unattractive are concerned.
    Calling women names, regardless of accomplishment. Unless you've been cut off from all media, this is established. Court documents also state "he doesn't like fat people" and only wanted to hire young, "sufficiently pretty" girls for hostesses.
  3. But this isn't entirely about him.
    Trump's attitude is just a blatant example of discriminatory work practices. Making him the poster boy for what's wrong with work places in America is justified.
  4. Cutting hours so drastically, employees have no choice but to quit.
  5. Not letting employees take breaks.
  6. Making employees lie on their time sheets.
  7. Hiring only 'pretty' people.
  8. Arranging work shifts so it completely disrupts an employee's life.
    If you have children or an aging parent to care for, messing around with schedules is one of the top stressors. This is another way people are managed out.
  9. Or fired on 'trumped' up grounds.
    Management has been coming up with bogus reasons for firing people forever.
  10. Sometimes these business practices result in class action lawsuits.
    I received a large check this year for a class action suit against the bank where I worked. We had been 'reclassified' as management so we could work more than 40 hours (MANY more) without compensation. It only took 17 years...
  11. Unfair or unequal treatment.
    Some employees are perpetually late/insubordinate/unproductive but only some are counseled. One might be put on probation but another one gets a pass. I had a district manager who bragged he could get someone to quit in 45 days with his particular technique.
  12. Age discrimination.
    There are laws in place but I have witnessed age discrimination over and over. From my time in management, an older employee wasn't usually let go due to incompetences. It was because they made too much money and they could hire two 'bodies' for what the older employee was being paid.
  13. The Trump lawsuit is just a representation of what goes on every day in business.
    When is punishment to the company (and guilty managers) going to be enough of a deterrent for them to stop?
  14. Back to this election.
    Government is big, with many moving parts, with multiple checks and balances. One man does not hold all the power BUT he does set the tone. The POTUS fills the White House with staffers who reflect his attitudes and opinions.
  15. So it all comes down to this.
    Want the government to turn into a business? From my experience, and I suspect from many of you as well, the answer would be no. "Hillary Clinton attacking the false premise that government is just like a business and should be run like one was the biggest moment with the most long-lasting implications in recent memory."
  16. Welcome to the White House!
    But only if you're pretty.