what have you done to me 📂

With a sliver of possibility I might actually be attending the meet up in Austin, TX on 7/30/16, it's about time I came clean about my love for this fantastic group and confess my Infatuation for the app. Inspired by @karlalucia list from today about why she's been up late. Reasons I've been Up Late
  1. Too busy for old friends.
    Farewell Facebook. Ta-ta Twitter. Punching out of Pinterest.
  2. Secret rendezvous.
    Making lists in the restaurant bathroom while friends are sitting back at the booth.
  3. Hiding your phone in your pocket.
    Not wanting anyone to see what you're typing.
  4. Spending all your time thinking about your new crush.
    Drafts are now at 119 (now 153) and many are only one GIF away from publishing.
  5. Sending love texts. Via
    74% of battery life is related.
  6. Daydreaming.
    Oh, just thought of a good idea for list #102!!
  7. Disregard or procrastinate real life obligations.
    Clamoring to complete tasks as time slips away, fleeting and unnoticed. New example of flow. (I forgot I'd referenced flow here but listed about it last week) Flow-Lost in Space
  8. Forgetting there's an outside world.
    Too much time, tap tapping away on my phone. Literally turning pale from lack of natural sunlight. Tap tap tap.
  9. Getting attention. FINALLY.
    Your list trends and you're sure love will never die. But then it predictably fades, possibly never to return.
  10. Confusion and fear of love, unrequited.
    The list you worked on so diligently being ignored. The list with initial interest quickly moving into obscurity. The list that takes a long time to finish...The crap list that goes gold. 🙃
  11. We need to talk.
    It's not you, it's me. I can't keep up this pace. Maybe we just need a break. You know, see other people.
  12. See you around.
    Still be friends?
  13. Who am I kidding!
    This crazy waste of time is crazy fun!!! Don't ever leave me