Nothing earth shattering. More of a, Really?
  1. You just took a shower.
    And your body decides NOW it wants to poo. 😖
  2. The dishwasher cycle is complete.
    And you just found that moldy cup of coffee SOMEBODY left in the music room.
  3. The long-ass text you carefully worded for friend support.
    And you got so caught up in the crafting, you forgot to press send. Four hours later you're wondering why you got no response.
  4. Then this 😡
    Coffee grounds everywhere. Being punished for my laziness. Usually order whole beans ....
  5. Oops.
    Did I do that? 🙄😬
  6. It is a truth universally acknowledged that all snacks and candy come in the noisiest wrapping materials in existence.
    Thus making it impossible to 'sneak eat' the Little Debbie peanut bars you hid for yourself.