Could be brief or extended. Works on the subway, store or bar. Not applicable on planes.
  1. Commenting on a shared, mutual situation or local happening.
    The line at the grocery store, why there's only one barista today, traffic or the new gym at the mall. (Seriously, when Planet Fitness opened in our town, it was inexplicably THE topic of conversation)
  2. What are you reading?
    I got to chatting with a guy reading this on the T in Boston. I believe the quizzical look on my face was more engaging than my words. (Such a simple cover sketch but terrifyingly recognizable)
  3. "Hasn't it been longer than 15 minutes?"
    We'd submitted hardship deferment requests for jury duty and the clerk said it would be 15 minutes while the judge read them. After about 30 minutes, I looked up from my phone and made eye contact with a guy. I asked him the question and we had a moment 😉
  4. Wow, your shoes are adorable! Are they designer?
    Nope. She got them at Ross
  5. Caveat here: Consideration of the other person is paramount!
    Headphones, eyes closed, no eye contact, intently focused on an activity-all signs point to 'leave me alone'. Don't be that guy 🙄
  6. Smile!
    But you already knew this 😊