Until my husband gets pissed cause I keep stopping
  1. Jackson Pollock
  2. Diego Rivera
  3. Georgia O'Keefe
  4. Marcel Duchamp
    Fountain-R Mutt
  5. Mark Rothko
  6. Andy Warhol
  7. You never told us!
  8. Ralph Humphrey
  9. Ralph Humphrey
    Reimagined, marked up and vandalized by me.
  10. Robert Smithson
    Not saying a thing.
  11. Tinder for li.stbet
  12. Mike Mandel
    Looks like our motel.
  13. Alexander Calder
  14. Cy Twombly
  15. Ellsworth Kelly
  16. Roy Lichtenstein
  17. Andy Warhol
  18. Chuck Close
  19. Chuck Close
    Close, close.
  20. George Segal
    What he was doing during 'The Goldberg's' hiatus
  21. Sophie Calle
  22. Frank Stella
  23. 🙄
    Tom intrigued by a new MoMA installation.
  24. Cafe at SF MoMA
    A work of art in itself.
  25. Everyday art.
    Our latte break. Pretty as a picture.
  26. Anselm Kiefer
    Better in real life.
  27. Gerhard Richter
    Dig this one.
  28. Candida Höfer
  29. Andreas Gursky
    Crookedly hung or optical illusion?
  30. Artist unknown till I research some more.
    Reflections of moi.
  31. Dan Flavin
    White walls, very bright white lighting but photographed like this.
  32. Kokeshi Dolls
  33. Exit through the gift shop.
    Strategically placed book titles FTW
  34. Bad girls.