Living in the Emerald Triangle, NorCal ♻️

Part of it anyway-Humboldt County, specifically. This will be very green and a little skunky. In honor of International Peace Day ✌🏼
  1. Most people have heard of Humboldt County and our connection to the Cannabis industry. A bit harsh-rednecks, really?
  2. Always front page news.
    Redwood Times 9/13/2016 "Supes consider expanding pot industry
  3. Weed convo always finds it's way in
    The Humboldt Independent Question of the Week
  4. Open a fertilizer store, make a sh*tload of money.
    In our area, there's a hydroponic, fertilizer, soil or 'gardening' supply store every few miles throughout the county.
  5. Community Calendar-surprise, a cannabis event!!
    There's always one simmering somewhere in the county.
  6. Entertainment we (apparently) want.
    Cheech & Chong!?! Touring the ganja circuit, no doubt. The movie 'Up in Smoke' was in 1979-guess you could call it a classic 🤔. So Cheech was on 'Nash Bridges' for years and Chong was on 'Dancing with the Stars' so maybe they're a draw? For me, Dave's not here-anymore 😐
  7. Whoopi Goldberg shows up on Emerald Magazine.
    This is the 4th anniversary issue. In the editors note (Christina DeGiovanni, Publisher) she says "The Emerald Magazine was created out of an unfortunate situation. After I was raided by the Humboldt County Drug Task Force in 2012 and I had my mug shot posted around town, I decided the pen was mightier than the sword. Thus the magazine was born". Word.
  8. Here's Whoopi's product-Relax
    Medical cannabinol tincture. For PMS relief. It claims to calm nerves and support the uterus with herbs like Cramp Bark and motherwort. A little mix of shamanism, old wives tales and Harry Potter.
  9. Even Jessica Seinfeld takes the cure?
    Not that there's anything wrong with that
  10. Reggae is king around here.
    'Reggae on the River' event-in it's 32nd year! This is a HUGE gathering, 4 day event.
  11. One more thing...
    Reggae on the River is sponsored by major companies in the beer, retail and cannabis industries. It brings in mucho dinero for the event, the county and all those sponsored beer and craft booths.
  12. Not your typical 'field' trip 🍁
    Let us show you behind the Redwood Curtain. I already saw enough last week 😳 Green Day-Ganja Style 🔥
  13. From One Emerald Triangle to Another
    Southern Oregon is also referred to as the Emerald Triangle-it includes Coos, Curry, Jackson & Josephine counties. These areas produce 60% of the state's medicinal cannabis. Oregon was the first state to decriminalize marijuana in 1973! See what I'm learning?
  14. Hemp-for stylin' not smokin'
    Sports coats, fedoras, loafers and socks-all made with hemp, cotton and linen blends. Since they're made from hemp, they're durable, antibacterial and antifungal! Or so they claim.
  15. Even support from
    Following 420 😎
  16. But I don't want to leave you with the impression that the cannabis culture is ALL Humboldt County is about.
    It wouldn't be fair to this beautiful and scenic area without some counter balance to this counter culture. Here's the positives from the area in this list. Beautiful Things in the Emerald Triangle 🌊 So come and visit. I've got a spare room for you to use 😉
  17. Seal of Approval-Time Magazine
    Made in Humboldt. hmbldt cannabis pens have been chemically engineered to make people feel calm, sleepy or help with pain relief-without getting high! This could help people feel better. Good information at their link.
  18. Update: Applications to legally, environmentally and ethically grow marijuana, already Humboldt County's #1 agricultural product.
  19. That Helicopter WAS Looking at Your Weed! CNBC is Filming a Weed Documentary in Humboldt!