Look What Came From @marceline 🎃👻

Just in time for October!!
  1. From across the pond
    Scotland to be precise.
  2. Stamp fit for a Queen
    Should I save this for a local philatelist?
  3. Pick & Mix Wrapping Paper
    5 Sheets-mix of designs. You sent 6 sheets-thank you!! 😘
  4. Boo! Happy Ghost Card
    Ordered two for some littles in my life. Will include the cut out as well 👻 Your design is cuter than this emoji BTW
  5. Even Lucas likes it.
    He had to get in on the action and considerately stayed off the merchandise.
  6. ILOVELIST discount-YAY!
    Discount for li.st community. (Not sure if it's still active)
  7. And there's more...
    So many other items to choose from. I'm still trying to decide whether to get the rain boots 🤔
  8. Thank YOU!!
    Now off to share my goodies with Instagram 📸 https://www.askingfortrouble.org/