Inspired by @aus10 An old draft that currently seemed the appropriate kind of weird.
  1. Prince
    5' 2"
  2. Gold lamé Bootie Pumps with 4 inch gold heels
  3. King Louis XIV
    5' 4"
  4. France's "Sun King' sported the first Louboutin red heeled prototype in the famed 1701 portrait.
  5. Napoleon
    5' 2"- 5' 6" Historians disagree-no one had a ruler? (Oh, I made a pun) He did away with heels on men's shoes and wore flats to his coronation. So contrary to popular myth, he was average height and did not wear heels, said another source.
  6. Napoleon Complex
    Not only a pastry, it's also a social stereotype!
  7. Elton John
    5' 8"
  8. White (and red) Stripes
    Red and shiny silver platforms, stacked wood heels
  9. David Bowie
    5' 10" 💫✨💫✨
  10. Chunky heeled pump, Oxford design in black & white leather upper and brown & taupe striped heel.
  11. David Johansen-New York Dolls
    6' 3" You might also know him as Buster Poindexter (on the right)-last seen on 'A Very Murray Christmas'. (Wait to view in December when you need something irreverent to watch besides "Love Actually". Not for the kids. Either of them).
  12. 'Dancing Backward in High Heels" Studio Album
    Almost too perfect for my purposes.