Mugs in my Cupboard and the Stories They Tell

Inspired by @karlalucia
  1. The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
    Got this from the NBC store in 2014 after we went to see Jimmy Fallon. AWESOME show and experience. (Guests were Mike Myers, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Damon Albarn (Blur) and surprise bit with Jennifer Lopez doing 'Tight Pants')
  2. Disneyland Starbucks
    Bought last year during DL's 60th Anniversary. One of Starbucks "You are Here" collection.
  3. Dragonfly Inn-Stars Hollow
    Gift from my husband back when we watched all the Gilmore Girls together. He also got me a Luke's Place mug I sold last year on eBay.
  4. Emoji yellow
    Don't know where this came from but it's ready to be Sharpie marked and baked. Maybe this 😂 or 😘
  5. Parks & Recreation
    Gift from my own Andy Dwyer, personality wise, doppelgänger husband- Christmas 2012. (Check out this mug from another P&R aficionado Mugs I Own And Why They Are Special @ripnclebass )
  6. Seinfeld
    Got this mug at the NBC store during a visit to NYC in 2000. It's faded, stained but still functional. A favorite.
  7. Starbucks Christmas
    My favorite! Yes, it was part of a Christmas gift basket I bought for myself but it isn't distinctly holiday. It's perfect #ItsJustACup
  8. Zabars NYC
    A free gift for monthly auto ship coffee shipments. PITCH ALERT-No kidding-this coffee is phenomenal. You pay no shipping if you get 4 pounds at a time, it's no more expensive than local beans AND they always send a black & white cookie, babka or rugelach.
  9. Starbucks Paris
    You've probably already deduced this mug has not seen a drop of coffee or a spot of tea. It's in my little Eiffel Tower shrine. I went to Paris in 2012 and all I got was a mug 🇫🇷⚜🗼 "You are Here" collection.
  10. Waldorf Apples
    Vintage fruit crate label designed mug. Lucas likes it. He didn't jump on the counter with any of the others. (I know, he shouldn't be up there and now you'll never eat at my house again 😁)
  11. USC School of Theater
    A Christmas gift from my nephew who still might have a career in the entertainment world. His minor is in Education and currently a teacher in East LA.
  12. USC College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences
    A Christmas gift from my niece when she was at USC (before Harvard Law-yes, she's my free legal counsel now-lawyered!!)
  13. CIA
    A gift from someone who worked there. I can't tell you who or I'd have to...
  14. Starbucks travel mug
    So functional but I frequently forget to bring it or when I do, forget to wash it right away 😁 Yuck.
  15. Tea mug
    Gift from BFF. A nondescript, no logo mug for a peaceful and calming cuppa tea. Sometimes it's just a chamomile kind of a day.
  16. Paradiso
    Very pretty, generous size but absolutely no story here whatsoever. Pier 1 Imports.
  17. Buc-ee's
    It's a Beaver! Functional memento, for coffee and a virtual goose to get your day started 😳 From our visit to 1) Fort Worth for niece's wedding 2) Austin meet-up. A visit to Buc-ee's was recommended by @texascorn
  18. Hamilton