Music to Serenade Trump's First 100 days

If he makes it that long. Your song choice and why. Let's make the perfect mixtape boys and girls!
  1. •
    It's the End of the World as We Know it-R.E.M.
    😐 Where to begin.
  2. •
    Little Miss Can't Be Wrong-Spin Doctors
    Could this title AND artist name be any more perfect. Kellyanne Conway, yes, this song is about you. 🤥
  3. •
    I'm Too Sexy-Right Said Fred
    My hands are bigger than yours. Yes, they're huge. Yours are a disaster. 🖐
  4. •
    100 Days, 100 Nights-Sharon Jones
    Bet you didn't know she was a psychic 🔮 Emphasis on night.
  5. •
    Fancy-Iggy Azalea
    "Look at that, I bet you wishing you could clutch that"
  6. •
    The Immigrant Song-Led Zeppelin
  7. •
    I Don't Need No Doctor-John Mayer
    No health insurance? No problem. It's just a flesh wound.
  8. •
    I Say a Little Prayer-Dionne Warwick
    Dear God, HELP!!!
  9. •
    I Fought the Law (and the Law Won) - The Clash
    Think of all the jobs this will create!!
  10. •
    Who are you? -The Who
    Who, who, who, who. We really want to know.
  11. •
    You Can't Always Get What You Want
    Suggested by   @lyssa580
  12. •
    Word Crimes - Weird Al Yankovic
    Here's the rule people-it's a ban on Twitter, or if the President SAYS it but NOT at the press conference. It's not that hard to figure out-Sean Spicer
  13. •
    I Hate Everything About You -Three Days Grace
    This is what every smart Trump supporter will be singing after those 100 days. "I hate everything about you, so why do I still love you?"
    Suggested by   @Jaycer17
  14. •
    Talkin' Loud and Sayin' Nothing
    Suggested by   @Gola
  15. •
    Fight the Power
    Suggested by   @Equivokate
  16. •
    Fuck You- Lily Allen
    Suggested by   @tatertotfreak
  17. •
    Another Brick in the Wall - Pink Floyd
    All in all, you're just another brick in the wall...
  18. •
    School's Out - Alice Cooper
    Well we got no choice, all the girls & boys, makin' all that noise. (pretty much 😏)
  19. •
    Friends in Low Places - Garth Brooks
    Suggested by   @designordie
  20. •
    FDT and FDT PT II- YG
    Suggested by   @jessilee23
  21. •
    Ego Trip - De La Soul
    Suggested by   @MichaelRose
  22. •
    Phone Down - Erykah Badu
    Suggested by   @MichaelRose
  23. •
    Land Of Confusion - Genesis
    Suggested by   @kaelliope
  24. •
    Rejoice - AJJ
    "Rejoice despite the fact this world will hurt you...rejoice despite the fact this world will tear you to shreds. Rejoice because you're trying your best."
    Suggested by   @sarahmccoy
  25. •
    Mad World- Gary Jules
    Suggested by   @jessilee23
  26. •
    Angry People - Barenaked Ladies
    Today even Canada seemed hesitant 😕 and we know how nice they are.