MUST hear episodes of This American Life

No time to hear them all? I get it. Here are my picks for time well spent but I'm busy too...which ones would YOU recommend?
  1. 489: No Coincidence, No Story - A Love Story-gives me chills!
  2. Web Extra, No Coincidence, No Story -photo coincidences. People in photos who inexplicably appear out of the blue.
  3. 566: The Land of Make Believe
  4. 581: The Anatomy of Doubt
  5. 291: Reunited (And It Feels So Good) JUL 1, 2005. This was the episode that made me fall in love with TAL. Was on Netflix (This American Life-Season 1 & 2) and I cried my eyes out. Only then did I start fiendishly listening
  6. 525: Call For Help
  7. 466: Blackjack
    Gambling Christians who made $900K & a female gambling addict who lost it all and then some. Take away? Counting cards is NOT illegal.
  8. Switched at Birth
    One of the mothers realized the mistake but chose to keep quiet. Until the day, more than 40 years later, when she decided to tell both daughters what happened
    Suggested by   @holaisabel
  9. Seriously
    Episode 599-the troubling trend of falsehoods that are planted and grow through dissemination on social media. Also how the public does not believe facts anymore but chooses instead to believe that even facts are biased. And Sara Bareilles writes a song, sung by Leslie Odom Jr.