In order. Thanks for the list request @PeteOnEarth Happy 4th to all and try to enjoy it
  1. All By Myself-Eric Carmen
    Not complaining.
  2. Work-Rihanna
    Work Work Work Work Work
  3. Margaritaville-Jimmy Buffett
    Not a parrothead but if the title fits, use it.
  4. Play in the Sunshine-Prince
    Yes. Moonstone Beach in the afternoon (after golf and naps and PS4)
  5. American Pie-Don McLean
    Making and eating, ala mode.
  6. Red Red Wine-UB40
    Just one glass with my red, red burger.
  7. The Final Countdown-Europe
    🎆 9:15 sharp, city fireworks start 🎆
  8. Purple Haze-Jimi Hendrix
    Getting mellow. What's left after the fireworks are over. Other things.
  9. Pass Out-Tinie Tempah
    And we do it till we pass out 😴
  10. And last but not least,!
    At 128 drafts and growing, I still haven't tired of it. 💯❤️