Where to go, where we've been and what we saw when we were there. Whoa.
  1. ✈️
  2. @Diplomatic_diva Norway, just rated 'Happiest Country' in the world.
  3. @bookishclaire Readers Choice!
  4. @summersuperstar Posh Portland
  5. @marceline Penzance!
  6. @Diplomatic_diva Oh Canada!!
  7. @mia Places and food joints in LA
  8. @elmospimpingme About Charleston, SC
  9. @kfoleywellness Hope to test this ASAP 🌎✈️
  10. @Nicholas Made me want to go yesterday 🇳🇴
  11. @katherinelee ✔️ 👍🏼
  12. @ellied Dublin food 🥘
  13. Static
    @marceline Hotel Indigo in Edinburgh 😍
  14. @rachellewis Hits ALL the spots in this still vibrant city.
  15. Static
    @bobbyhundreds Awesome Disney li.st. You can tell right off he's a fan and knows the park as well as...ok, as well as me. I just discover this guy today to find he no longer li.sts. Maybe he'll see this and come back.
  16. @DanielaM Maybe I'll never get to Denmark 🇩🇰 but if I do, I'm taking this cheat sheet.
  17. Static
    Thanks @BlueSeaGlass I better get over there before I move! ☺️ https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glass_Beach_(Fort_Bragg,_California)
  18. Static
    Veselka! @DanaDigsYou I bought flowers next door after we passed by to go to Momofuku 😬 Thanks for prompting me to find this old pic ☺️