Inspired by @Peace_Out_List Not being a fan of packing for even a vacation, packing an entire life of stuff to take somewhere else, is so much worse. Here's the run down, good, bad and in between
  1. Japan
    Born in Yokosuka and lived there for a year. Not on my own of course 👶
  2. Compton, CA
    As in 'Straight Out Of' Lived here until I was 5. 👧🏼
  3. Stanton, CA
    Philip Stanton, saved the land here intended for a sewage farm and incorporated it into 16 square mile 'Stanton' city. It still stinks... I lived here till I was 10.👩
  4. Garden Grove, CA
    My favorite home. Brand new house and neighborhood. Everything was anointed, and my life was bliss. Moved to two other Garden Grove locations. Lived here until my teens. 💁🏼
  5. Orange, CA
    My parents marriage ceased to be bliss and Orange is where it exploded. Had a great time getting in trouble in different modalities due to their preoccupation with themselves. Lived in Orange until I was 19 💍
  6. Yosemite National Park
    Living in a national park is sheer heaven. Everything was spectacular, everyday. Beautiful beyond all expectation. And saved a lot of money cause there's no where to spend it. Lived here almost 3 years. 🎒
  7. Fresno, CA
    Moved here so DH could become a stock broker. I got a job in a bank. I enjoyed living here. Still close enough to Yosemite to visit friends . Two years was all. Not the armpit of California like you've heard- most of the fruits and vegetables are grown here. Respect your Mother Earth 🍑🍓🍅
  8. East Bay Area, near San Francisco
    Still in banking. I was not happy here. No friends, no family. Alone with just my inconsiderate (now ex-husband) and part of the problem was we moved too much! 💩
  9. Ripon, CA
    Lived here during our separation (he was in Eureka CA). Was here only 5 months. I had more fun in that time than in prior 10 years 💃🏼
  10. Eureka, CA
    I most assuredly had not 'found it'. Bad times indeed and we divorced. He moved away and I stayed. Never want to move again so here I remain. Traveling a lot helps me tolerate the town in small doses. 🌲🌲🌲
  11. So where do I go from here?
    Possible moving locations-Austin, TX, Flagstaff, AZ and now Vancouver BC. Canada-You know, they supposedly have free healthcare? 😉