Really, only if it's Oprah/talk show celebrity because I have no talent to speak of. But the perks sound pretty good. Inspired by @katelynmchessler & @supercommonname
  1. Fly First Class
    Or better yet, a private plane & on-call pilot.
  2. Personal stylist
    Blow outs as needed. Five minute massage with my shampoo & condition.
  3. Do Oprah inspired give-aways.
    Not just handbags & posh swag gift bags (although I would love to do that too!) but important stuff. Employ a staff who's only job would be to verify someone's need. Their refrigerator just died or they take three buses to get to work & could really use a new car. That would be 💯
  4. Bypass the lines at Disneyland and WDW.
    Do celebrities get in free? If so, throw that in too. Jen reminded me about this MY LEGIT REASONS FOR WANTING TO BE A CELEBRITY
  5. Pull a random appearance ala Bill Murray.
    What fun it would be to make someone's day just by showing up! Getting married? Show up at their reception. Having lunch somewhere and sending over a drink or buy their meal. More celebs should do that. Regular life can be pretty dull and you'd give somebody a story to tell for a lifetime. (Here's a link to Bill Murray sightings cause it's fun! AND check out the comments below-one of our own listers 'met' him 😉!
  6. Unlimited Sharpies to use and then give to fans after an autograph.
    Anyone requesting an autograph, gets one. Don't celebrities owe their fans at least a memento?
  7. And last, yeah, multiple residences.
    One in the mountains of Utah, a small flat on the Upper West Side, a Paris apartment and something in Vancouver BC. They don't need to be ostentatious but design to match surroundings.