My TripAdvisor Photos 'Chosen to Represent'

TripAdvisor reviews-so far I have 340. I'd occasionally add a photo...a bowl of pho here and a cool sign there. An email asked, would you let us use your photo to represent this coffee shop. I was thrilled. Then it became a quest 🌎
  1. Casablanca Coffee & Grill
    Grants Pass, Oregon 10/27/2013 My first photo requested by TripAdvisor. Would have taken a better picture if I had known ✈️
  2. Hard Knox Cafe
    San Francisco 1/28/2015 Hipster Cajan, if there's such a thing.
  3. Tandoori Bites
    Eureka, CA 2/15/2015 Only the second Indian restaurant in town. I'll keep it open all by myself.
  4. Dave's Place
    Eureka, CA 5/26/2015 Our local dive bar and I say that affectionately 🍺
  5. Stars Hamburgers
    Eureka, CA 3/5/2015. Best Burgers this side of the Rockies 🍔
  6. Hole in the Wall Sandwiches
    Eureka, CA 3/28/2015. Original location in Arcata, near Humboldt State and original student & stoner noshery. Their sandwiches are HUUUUGE!! PS That's my car with the TripAdvisor magnet 🤓
  7. Lots more to add (but I've got stuff to do IRL) and will make it to #1 eventually
  8. My TripAdvisor Readers Tally
    As of 7/23/2016
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