I'm SURE there are many more. Next time ladies, hire a hot guy to nanny the kiddos.
  1. Maybe some don't ScarJo
    but these guys did. 👇🏼 👇🏼 👇🏼
  2. Ethan Hawke
    Actor Ethan Hawke denied cheating on his then wife Uma Thurman while married but 4 years after Hawke and Thurman divorced, Hawke married their nanny Ryan Shawhughes. He and Shawhughes are atill together and have two children.
  3. Ben Afleck
    There was a lot of buzz over actors Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck‘s break up with reports circulating that the Gone Girl actor cheated on his wife with their nanny, Christine Ouzounian. Unsubstantiated.
  4. Cornelius Vanderbilt 1846
    "In the summer of 1846, when the Commodore was 52, he fell in love with his children's comely young governess, the latest in an endless series of dalliances, but the first within his house. When the beleaguered governess quit he said I'll find some woman to take her place." From 'Fortune's Children-the fall of the House of Vanderbilt'. In 1846, divorce was less likely. In this case, he sent his wife to Canada and eventually had her committed to a mental hospital.
  5. Gavin Rossdale
    It was a very unhappy ending for Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale. In the new issue of Us Weekly, insiders exclusively reveal that the music super couple’s 13-year marriage ended because of adultery: Rossdale’s three-year relationship with the family’s longtime nanny, Mindy Mann.
  6. Robin Williams
    Marsha Garces was working as a nanny for the late Robin Williams and his wife Valerie Velardi when he started having an affair with her. A year after Williams and Velardi divorced, he married Garces. They were married for 19 years before divorcing in 2010.
  7. Jude Law
    10 years ago, Jude Law famously issued a public apology to his then fiancée Sienna Miller for having an affair with his three children's 26-year-old caregiver Daisy Wright.
  8. Joe Piscopo
    Comedic actor Joe Piscopo (SNL) was married to his first wife Nancy Jones when he met his second wife Kimberly Driscoll. She was his 18 year old nanny at the time. He married Driscoll a year after divorcing Jones. Their marriage lasted 10-years.
  9. Giphy
    If only 😉