Inspired by @jpbateson & @bjnovak It wasn't nice everywhere today but it was here.
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    The guy who rang up my stuff, said 'Oh, a $10 bill.' I asked, 'Are you a fan of Hamilton?' He said, 'I'm a fan of all the presidents'
    😐 but glad he's a fan. Does that include #45?
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    Store finally got in those spiral hairpins I needed to replace the ones lost in SF.
    I thought I'd have to order them online.
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    Starting to look like summer is right around the corner.
    Maybe the corner, around another corner but it's coming.
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    My GPS was right and I didn't trust it. After the fourth request to 'make a u-turn', I said, Ok, but you're wrong. Arcata is north.
    Well. Arcata is also west. This GPS thing might just catch on. 👍🏼👍🏼
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    Long drawn out client meeting went wayyy better than expected.
    And they asked good questions! Not like the ones i usually get.
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    Treated myself to a new Starbucks's Lady Gaga promoted 'Cups of Kindness' drink.
    Ordered a grande Ombré Pink but cause they were out, the barista suggested the Violet. And made me a Venté, no extra charge.
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    Had the house to myself and watched some new episodes of 'House of Cards'.
    🏠of 🃏
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    Reading how Kamala Harris is getting feisty with witnesses at the Congressional Hearings. I was happy.
    Former prosecutor. Now Senator. She's from California. Future president? 💪🏼
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    Macaroni and cheese for dinner, all by myself and ate it all by myself
    It made me very happy 😊
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    Today was a good day.
    Giphy downsized medium
    This really should be an Ice Cube gif but I'm going with Becs.