Taking a few liberties with areas not technically a beach but beachy. Water and sand anyway.
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    Trinidad Beach
    Been here more than any other. Not only does it have a great beach but panoramic views from the lighthouse, an artsy upscale town with beautiful homes and the best pier north of SF. The Seascape restaurant is a favorite place for brunch before you climb the bluffs to check out migrating whales. They have their summer Fish Festival on Father's Day weekend.
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    Tish Tang and Kimtu near Willow Creek.
    The only ones that cost to go in - $6.00 for the day. The inland river bar beach where we go to tan unobserved with little sheltered areas for privacy. We aren't as gorgeous as we used to be lol. After tanning we'll move on to πŸ‘‡πŸΌ
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    Swimmer's Delight
    This is our local swimming hole. The river runs through a 45Β° angle bend, with small cliffs to climb and dive from in the spring. Late summer the water gets too shallow but it's hotter so there's that. Lots of beach but still looks like Coney Island on Memorial Day weekend. Bring a picnic lunch, beer, Jarritos and a blanket. Get hot, dusty, step on some glass, get stung by an unidentified bug and come home remembering the best day of your whole summer. (Not my photo)
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    Centerville Beach just outside Ferndale
    Our last visit here was foggy and bleak. https://instagram.com/p/BX94O7oB-sz/ We'd had sun the day before at Luffenholtz so it paled in comparison (pun intended) We walked, chatted with some fisherman and took a few pictures. Nice surf that day but after an hour we raced into town for steak at the Ivanhoe. Not part of the beach description but the ending to this beach outing. The chocolate mousse and coffee really hit the spot.
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    Shelter Cove
    Shelter Cove is more south and has more sun. Nice beaches, cool little burger stand/trinkets store where as most of the other places don't even have restrooms. SC is where every one seems to own an unimproved quarter acre that they'll never do anything with but it gives them hope. So hey, why not?
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    Agate Beach
    Though I'm listing it here, I haven't been in 10 years, at least. What I remember is filling my pockets with beautiful rocks, that may or may not have been agates. Better I stay away least I load up again. Moving and all
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    Luffenholtz Beach
    Luffenholtz Park overlooks the Pacific Ocean with a trail down to the beach. This is a spectacular rocky cove with tide pools. Lots of rocks, people and dogs. Biggest draw-the tide pools, sea life and seals frolicking in the surf.
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    Crescent City
    Maybe I've only been here during low tide but the beach is wide and vast, very flat. Areas of driftwood from previous tidal waves. Spectacular sunsets.
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    Prairie Creek (Gold Bluffs Beach)
    So I learned something just now-we called the whole area, beach and all, Prairie Creek but PC surrounds the bluffs at the beach. βœ”οΈ Been here twice and both times so cold and foggy we left in the time it took to frizz my hair. Uh, like 20 minutes.
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    Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park
    Yes, it's a mass of green-trees, ferns and shamrocks. But the Smith River runs through it and the water rushes fast, cold and clean on sandy banks.
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    Glass Beach in Fort Bragg
    Also another beach I haven't been to in 20+ years. But I remember it like it was yesterday. I wasn't looking for sea glass at the time @BlueSeaGlass My girlfriends and I came to party during Paul Bunyan Days. Where men did manly things to impress the girls and bragging rights came along for the ride. Best time I ever had with bikers. 🏍 Maybe not the beach story you were looking for.
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    Benbow State Recreation area
    Farthest beach heading south in this group. Been here twice-once for one of our anniversaries staying at the Benbow Inn and this pic as a day hike with SIL's dogs. Had a really good burger for lunch πŸ˜‹ (looking at my butt, it wasn't the only burger I'd been scarfing back then 😬)
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    πŸ‘†πŸΌWhen you're ready to take another walk in the sand. Or swim, surf πŸ„πŸΎ the water's so much warmer.
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    Thanks for sending this list request @andersun These little exercises are wonderful for mindfulness and memory. Good times. β›±πŸŽ£πŸ‘£