Inspired by @jessilee23
  1. Tobacco
    Not even cigars. Just thinking about the smell gives me a headache.
  2. Judge Judy
    Any court shows. Add Maury, Jerry Springer or any other programming showing and mocking people who don't know any better.
  3. Roller coasters
    NO. Even staying away from a moving coaster GIF. Shiver. (Thanks for reminder @DG)
  4. Horror movies
    Whoa, Gabe, really? (👊🏼 @DG )
  5. Cold Weather
    What can I say? I grew up in Southern California and will always think its the perfect climate.
  6. Sugared sodas and drinks.
    Maybe a sip of ginger ale
  7. Tattoos or piercings.
    Not yet, anyway. My ears are pierced. If I were to get a piercing, a tiny nose post. A tattoo would be flock of birds, white ink to be almost imperceptible-ankle or inside wrist.
  8. Hard liquor that's brown.
    I'm a tequila drinker-or rum or vodka or gin. Although I did have a whiskey sour a few Christmases ago that didn't make me heave.
  9. A day without coffee.
    The smell, the heat, the anticipation of the roasted goodness. A dash of milk to smooth it all out. Milk frother on Amazon wish list. It will be mine, oh yes. But no to ⬇️
  10. Drinking coffee pooped out of a civet cat.
    Jim wouldn't and neither would I ✋🏼