Ripple has been replaced by rosé. Thanks for the LR @andersun ✌🏼😉
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    'I've been a vegetarian since I was 6' dude.
    Brings non-GMO tahini hummus dip with homemade pita chips but when no one's looking, pops bacon wrapped chicken appetizer. Makes amends by eating red bean curd for 3 days. Mea culpa, mea culpa.
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    Nature girl
    Lets hair go curly ✔️ White top ✔️ Sorta Slick ✔️ 'I'm with the band' ✔️ (And this would be me) 1969 mantra - Watch the fro.
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    First band.
    Opening act. Not taken seriously. While not booed off stage, everyone leaves to go to the can or get a beer. 1969 mantra- Live and let live.
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    Unlikely stoner.
    Won't smoke in public cause now he's a lawyer (real person!) 1969 mantra - Drop acid not bombs. 2017, It's only weed, man.
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    Livin' in the past.
    Holding on to another time-we're just not sure which one. Most likely the '90s. 1969 (1950?) mantra- Bring it home daddy-o.
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    Summer of love people.
    So much hugging. Lots of good vibes. Patchouli or strawberry oil. Oh, btw can you buy me a beer? 1969 mantra - Right on.
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    Food pusher.
    Used to push other things, now food is our drug. (Stay away from the red licorice!!)
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    Second band
    The headliners. Lots of high fives and you're sooo amazing. As my husband says, keep drinking, we sound better that way. 1969 -2017: Groovy. Guess that's hip again.
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    Moon walker. Not a Jackson.
    I want my MTV. Oops-wrong decade. 1969 mantra and photo - Far out man.
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    Everyone at about 4PM
    1969 mantra - Hell no, we won't go. 2017 - The sun's started to fade, the fog's rolling in and we're all freezing. I'm outie 5000. Peace out ✌🏼