Reactions You Get When

Eye rolls, hand gestures and 'oh no you didn't' all appropriate.
  1. Your luggage is too heavy and you need just a 'sec' to rearrange things.
    I did finally get a luggage scale.
  2. You're late meeting someone for lunch and they've already sat down.
    Start ordering immediately.
  3. 'I need a price check on 3. Ex-Lax Maximum Strength, 48 pack'.
    😐 it's not for me...
  4. The potluck dish isn't posh enough.
  5. Openly reading a trash book.
  6. You're in your robe when the UPS driver knocks.
  7. The guy who turns his phone on the second you land and blabs for 10 minutes before the doors even open.
    We get it, you're super cool and we're all losers.
  8. You tell your husband you have a headache.
  9. The neighbor says it wasn't their dog but you have pictures.
    Gotcha this time you little fkr-the neighbor, not the dog.
  10. Last minute lane change cause you almost missed your exit.
  11. You picked up two tubs of ice cream but better judgment tells you to put one back.
    Never mind. I'll just eat it here.
  12. The person in front of you has 22 items in the '15 items or less' line.
    K. Justifiable homicide 😏