A friend gave me the $25 Starbucks gift card she received from a coworker for her birthday. I said why. She said I just won't use it! I didn't press, took the card and used it just now. While waiting for my drink, I had time to ponder...who gives away a Starbucks gift card??
  1. Doesn't like pre-brewed coffee.
    She makes coffee at home so she could have gotten a bag of coffee or beans to grind herself.
  2. Doesn't like tea.
    Their Chai tea is wonderful or she could get a fruit refresher or smoothie if tea is not her cup of.
  3. Doesn't like sweet treats.
    Banana bread, pumpkin bread, scones, cupcakes, cookies and even yogurt & granola. Most everyone can find something to love in this category. I know I ALWAYS can 🍩
  4. Doesn't like their bistro boxes.
    I'm beginning to think she had no idea Starbucks sells anything other than coffee...
  5. Doesn't need any more coffee mugs, travel mugs or plastic drink containers.
    Ok, I've got a cupboard full of these. Agreement here.
  6. Doesn't like big corporations.
    Shop Small Business is definitely a valid point of view. Can we patronize both?
  7. Thinks people who go to Starbucks are part of a cult.
    Maybe true. I drank the Grande Kool-Aid a long time ago.
  8. She also gave me a $20 gift certificate for Philly Cheese Steak she didn't want.
    I know she stopped eating red meat a while back and they serve vegetarian options. But I digress 🤔
  9. Note to self: Birthday gifts for THIS friend should NOT be gift cards or gift certificates.