Road trips. Thrills and spills. Leaving for another one in two days-time to clean out the drafts.
  1. Getting out of your OWN town takes the most time.
    Stop for gas. Stop for coffee. Stop for cooler drinks. Go back home to get charger/glasses/pillow you forgot and that Costco size bottle of Advil cause we're gonna need it 😬
  2. My husband lacks a certain finesse with his braking skills.
    All I can say it's a good thing we're wearing seat belts. Screeerccchh 😲
  3. Chance to review iTunes on your iPhone playlist
    I payed $1.29 for that?
  4. I forgot how good Daft Punk sounds in the car.
    Turned way up. Give life back to music.
  5. State License plate 'I Spy'
    Oregon drivers don't care-I suspect they aren't fans of anyone with California plates. Texans drive too damn fast. Washingtonians just want to get home.
  6. Road construction stops give you a chance to stretch your legs and sometimes chat with other motorists.
    And pet their dogs. And take pictures of them 🐶
  7. My husband never heard of Dido.
    Her song Best Day of My Life came on and I started to sing along. He said who's this, I told him. He said, Her name is Fido? Oh my.
  8. Epiphany: I love cars!
    Me: Oh man, I like that Mini Cooper. Significant Other: Do you want one? Me: Owww, I like the Highlander! SO: Want to buy one? This goes on with multiple likes. Realize I would like to just have a different car to drive everyday. No desire to own them. Kinda like confirmed singles.
  9. GoogleMaps only matches street or highway names 70% of the time.
    Oh and that makes my husband PISSED!!!! But if I'm the navigator you can guess who gets the wrath.
  10. My husband isn't very adventurous when it comes to food.
    Dim Sum in Vancouver Chinatown. One taste and said I don't like it. Or that or that or that. (This is literally what he looked like)
  11. And The Wallflowers and Bryan Adams and
  12. We get lost a lot even with GPS
    Recalculating route. Recalculating route.
  13. Ah man, I love Van Halen
    Even with Sammy Hagar 'When it's Love' makes you want to pull over and dance. But we're on the freeway
  14. No Uber in Vancouver
    I just made a rhyme. But seriously, ride sharing is waiting to get through the city council (so I was told by a local)
  15. Freeway surprises!
  16. Pulling into your own driveway.
    We made it. Home. Alive.