📁Prompted to finish this draft after seeing her scholarship plaque* at our local playhouse yesterday. Maybe you'll see this notification on li.st someday @sarab
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    The beautiful Sara with the sparkling voice.
    Grab a snack. This li.st is might be a TL/DR without proper sustenance.
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    Sara Beth Bareilles
    A gifted songwriter and a versatile pianist with no formal training, Sara Bareilles burst onto the pop scene with a naturally skilled voice that ranged from powerful and soulful to sweet and gentle, earning her instant comparisons to Fiona Apple and Norah Jones. At age 18, she left the Redwood forests of her hometown, Eureka, California, in pursuit of a music career in Los Angeles. From playingforchange.com
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    Sara in Jr High School
    Pretty sure this is from Winship Jr. High. My son went here too, few years behind.
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    I know that guy !
    Sara's dad, Paul. When Sara was just getting started in LA, he would tell me about his daughter. I'd never met her (that I know of, it's a relatively small town, but she wasn't famous yet so idk) I vividly remember him telling me she was opening for Maroon 5. That was 😳& v 😎
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    Little romance with Adam Levine.
    Sara was on tour with Maroon 5 for several years. It's been said they had a relationship on and off but I didn't research it so don't quote me.
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    Sara and her Mom, Bonnie in Central Park NYC
    Bonnie worked at a store right next door to the bank where I worked. Bonnie was famous in her own right as an actress in SO many local theatre productions.
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    *Sara's plaque at The Ferndale Repertory Theatre.
    First scholarship ever awarded went to Sara in 1998.
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    Nominated for Tony Award 2016
    Sara's first foray into Broadway and she gets nominated right out of the gate! https://youtu.be/oAN3qyHfKOo
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    I saw this trio 🎤
    March 31, 2016
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    Singing "She Used to Be Mine" on the 2016 Tony Awards
    Lyrics, deep and rich as her voice. https://youtu.be/Erjdq6wwRuU
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    Patiently waiting but knows the 'score' 😉
    In my book, a winner either way 💖
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    Can you guess who won Best Score just by looking at this picture?
    It was definitely, obviously and unequivocally the year for an all out ⭐️Hamilton ⭐️win. ( if only she had come out with Waitress in 2017- 😕Now we'll never know)
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    Real Story Behind 'Love Song'
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    Sara and her mom.
    Not sure who the guy is-maybe stepdad? Her parents are divorced and both remarried. I've always heard everyone gets along great.
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    More Instagram stalking.
    Her dad, Paul, top pick middle and Mom Bonnie with cuppa in hand.
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    #imwithher - literally!
    Sara & Hillary
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    Our local newspaper, Eureka Times-Standard, ran this article in 2013
    Unfortunately, she did not win. Daft Punk took the 🏆 http://www.times-standard.com/article/zz/20131225/NEWS/131229300
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    June 6, 2014 Sara and the 'Are you KIDDING me??' moment. 😳🙄😱
    When in NYC, we always stay at the Hotel Edison, Times Square/Midtown. From here you're abt a 5 min walk to Rockefeller Center. The Today Show has their Live Concerts on the Plaza (we saw Paul Simon & Pharrell before) so seeing someone on the Today Show, you literally can walk over & see the show. Except on the day you're checking out & already called for a cab. I'd been waiting for an opportunity to see Sara FOREVER, it's free, 5 minutes away & we can't go 😭So you take pics of the TV screen 🙄
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    Sara authors a book.
    Sounds Like Me 🗣
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    Her book-would be extra fun to hear her read it and I'm imagining her occasionally breaking out in song.
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    Commissioned to write a song for This American Life.
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    Where Hamilton and Waitress intersect.
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    I might have to see it again.
    Sara's taking over the role of Jenna from Jessie Mueller! 😳😳😳 coincidentally on March 31st, exactly to the day I saw Waitress in 2016!! https://instagram.com/p/BQk5H4dloHh/ (@sarab is this you at Winship?)
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    Only 10 Weeks 😫
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    It's official. Going to see Sara!!
    Sing HER songs, in HER play in NYC. Yeah, you could say I'm a little bit excited ☺️
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    It was announced on Thursday that Sara Bareilles will be performing during the emotional tribute.
    "Sara’s unique artistry will honor those we’ve lost in our community including familiar faces and those behind the scenes who have enriched the art of moviemaking," producers Michael De Luca and Jennifer Todd said in a statement. (From Entertainment Weekly)
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    No pie emoji?!
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    Thanks for reading!
    Will add to this when I actually get to see her LIVE!
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    Waitress is the venue's MOST successful show EVER!
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    🎼 Sugar, butter, flour 🎼
    Hometown fan finally sees her musical crush ❤️💖❤️
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    Waiting outside the Brooks Atkinson Theatre 🎭
    Sara has left the building.
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    At the 2017 Tony Award Show
    Sparkly and shear. 💖