'Signs' You've Listened to Hamilton TOO Many Times

Vacation. Captive in the car with maniac singing Hamilton soundtrack on repeat. Repeatedly. SO, when a street sign makes you burst into song maybe it's time to step away (and this was only in Vancouver-wait till I get home 😁😁😁)
  1. Hamilton St.
    From map on The Lookout at the Harbour Centre
  2. King George Blvd.
    King George seemed to have a lot of influence here on the West Coast 🇬🇧
  3. Columbia St.
    Columbia is Hamilton's alma mater.
  4. King George Station
    King George station is located on an elevated portion of the Expo Line, a part of Metro Vancouver's SkyTrain
  5. King George Train
    Vancouver Metro Skytrain
  6. Hamilton on Spotify
    Browsing and this popped up. (My husband after hearing the full soundtrack twice, very nicely said, Feel like listening to the radio for a while?) Sorry dude, there is no escape 🏆🏆🏆