When snacks might have a fish flavored surprise inside!! Inspired by @andersun THINGS I DID NOT BUY AT THE GROCERY STORE
  1. My Japanese mother-in-law (RIP) lived in Japantown, San Francisco so had access to all kinds of fresh and bagged Asian snacks.
    I had a few unpleasant surprises when I thought something was going to taste one way but was COMPLETELY different. The upside was she helped me discover new foods and gave me a desire to keep an open mind. But I can't say it was always smooth sailing. 🤢
  2. Red Bean Paste Pancake (Dorayaki)
    Looks like a moon pie or a cookie but not really sweet, kinda bland. Liked these after I got used to them.
  3. Arare Japanese Crackers
    These are DELICIOUS. Not too salty, crisp and like a lot of snacks, have a faint fish taste.
  4. Choco Corn Snacks
    Couldn't find the exact brand today (pulled pic from my IG post last year) but these are amazing!! Covered in chocolate, crunchy but melt in your mouth. ADORE these, I've tried to buy them online and always search them out when in an Asian market. @aus10 ?
  5. Wrapped candy with fish paste center 😫
    Searched for photo to no avail but let me tell you a little story. So Tom's mom would always send us off with a bag of 'goodies' for the five hour road trip home. I grabbed one of the bags with some brown wrapped candy-looked like the familiar root beer. OMG 😫😩 I bit down on a horrible tart fishy goo inside & almost hurled. Big no. Since I hate throwing out food, took them to work, put them in the lunch room. Should have added a warning sticker. I'm convinced one girl still hates me.
  6. Marshmallow snacks
    Japanese Peeps! Not really but these are delicious if you like marshmallows. Every flavor imaginable, some filled with chocolate or pudding. So good.
  7. Pastries and cakes
    Japanese cakes and pastries are more subtle than American versions. They look similar but aren't nearly as over-sweetened as we're used to. I really love them now-lighter frosting and a finer crumb. Japan Center Mall, Japantown Post St. SF
  8. My favorite cake though is Chinese sponge cake you can get at Lung Fung Bakery on Clement.
    And their egg custard, moon cakes, pork buns but I digress-sorry Asako 😘
  9. Can't remember all the good stuff (and the not so good 😬) so I may add more later.
    Two hours after I started this, yikes. No drafts complaint again-sorry. ✌🏼