I wasn't going to li.st for one incident but it's blowing up around here. Will add new info as I hear about it.
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    Unbeknownst to me, a film crew descended on Humboldt County a week ago.
    They'd already filmed at the Gas 4 Less on Alliance Road in Arcata and now are in Eureka. We so classy.
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    Saturday night (yesterday) the band my husband Tom plays guitar for, had a gig at the Eureka Inn, Palm Lounge.
    Hey, at least it's not the Holiday Inn.
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    The Eureka Inn is listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 1982.
    It's a beautiful Tudor style inn. Tom and I got married here in 1992 and had our reception in this room where they're storing film equipment. When I took this pic, I didn't know they were filming right outside, in front. I parked and came in through the back.
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    The band had started playing but I stayed in the lobby next to the fireplace to wait for my girlfriend.
    Goofing around on my phone as usual. Thank you IG & li.st for keeping me company. #bandwidow
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    The lobby was empty. Four chairs near the fireplace. I hear someone plop down in one of them. I glanced up 😳
    What the actual... It's Doug Judy! (Yeah, he was great as Darryl but he's even better in Brooklyn Nine-Nine) TIMES I LAUGHED THE HARDEST WHILE WATCHING THE LATEST EPISODE OF BROOKLYN NINE-NINE Thanks @amieshmamie
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    Of course I start talking to him right away and ask if I can take a picture.
    After I'd already taken it (sorry/not sorry) and he says, you don't want one of me, get over here, takes my phone, says get in here, holds his arm out
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    And snaps this πŸ“Έ
    Clearly I'd lost my mind and this is now my legacy. I didn't have the nerve to say, can we have a do over? 😬 I need to learn to keep my mouth shut. But Craig (can I call you Craig, Mr. Robinson, now that we've shared a moment?) was sweet and personable and clearly knows how to connect with his fans. ☺️
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    So while Craig and I are locked in a selfie embrace, husband walks out to find me during his band break.
    Tom's cracking up and starts chatting him up, with all the fan gushing that I completely bypassed. I went right to friend zone. Tom says, hey sit in with us if you have time. You can sing or play the keyboards, whatever. He says, it could happen.
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    I had to get a picture of them together.
    They talked for 5 min or so, what's he doing on his off time, has he seen the redwoods yet, how long is he here for, etc. Craig went back to the conference room filled with director & crew. They filmed on and off all night.
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    Well. We're having one of the worst storms ever! 50-80 mile an hour winds. Even the Inn is getting hammered, windows rattling and doors flying open.
    I'd finally found my girlfriend, sat down (listened to them play one song-Oye Coma Va) and my phone starts vibrating. My house alarm 🚨 is going off!!?!? Go back out to the lobby, call alarm company and they say, You need to go right home-they're sending the sheriff. Crap.
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    Yada Yada. Everything was fine at home. Wind had blown open a door tripping the alarm.
    It was already 11PM, a hurricane was going on and I decided to call it a night. The band was set to play till midnight so wouldn't be missing much. Or so I thought...
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    But get this. Craig decides to take up my husband's offer to sing a song.
    As told to me, he jumped on stage, grabbed a mic and started singing Brickhouse along with the singer who jumped off stage to video for about 10 seconds. Here's a bad pic but you can see him (& Tom on the left) as he blows the mind of EVERY person there. Or so I'm told πŸ˜‰
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    "(PHOTOS) Humboldt is Currently Collecting its Craig Robinson Selfies" Lost Coast Outpost
    Apparently Craig's been spreading the love all over town! Here's the article. https://lostcoastoutpost.com/2017/jan/13/photos-humboldt-currently-collecting-its-craig-rob/
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    Emile Hirsch was also there last night but Craig was without a doubt, the guy who everyone wanted a pic with ❀️
    Jemaine Clement has been spotted walking around Old Town so there may be more to report before filming concludes next month .
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    Another Sighting, another selfie 🀳
    Jon Clower, our local Starbucks barista, got the CR technique-Craig takes the picture with YOUR phone. Better to control all those images of him floating around.
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    Confirmed sighting at Arcata restaurant 'Salt'
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    Emile Hirsch at Avenue of the Giants
    18 minutes ago Warms my heart that he's enjoying all the beauty here πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
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    Jemaine tweeting about Humboldt County.
    But it looks like New Zealand? Really? Will have to take his word for it. Thanks @andersun
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    Aubrey Plaza & Emile Hirsch having a bite at a local coffee place in Old Town.
    Aubrey flipping off the rain, no doubt. It's been pouring for 3 days.
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    At the Black Lightning Motorcycle Cafe.
    Ok, I guess he's not telling us WHERE so we fan(antics) don't interrupt his anonymity? It's Eureka man-there's not much we won't recognize. But cool, I get it πŸ˜‰
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    Today's update
    When my friend offered to treat me to lunch, I dragged her to the Inn and this banner was over the doorway. The film crew (no pic) was across the street filming someone coming through the doors. Didn't recognize the actor tho.
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    More Emile IGs
    He must hike every other day! πŸ‘πŸΌThe rain doesn't deter him either.
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    The Jemaine article I missed 😬
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    Official Press Release within the Lost Coast Outpost article-link below.