Stages of Waiting for B.J. to Talk About App on Seth Meyers Last Night: A GIF Diary

  1. Heard B.J. was gonna be on Seth Meyers Monday night!
    Wow! Think he'll talk about Better set DVR-can stay up for Jimmy but Seth 😴
  2. My Shows ✅
    Oh, Jake Tapper is on first. Cool but for now, fast forward.
  3. Talking about his new movie, 'The Founder' with Michael Keaton.
    Of course. Primarily what he's here to do. How To See "The Founder"
  4. A little revelation about how he ended up as essentially a male model for some foreign products.
    Without his permission. He seems cool with it.
  5. Then some discussion about Mindy
    and her love of McDonald's. (You do know the movie's about Ray Kroc, the founder) 🍔
  6. has been mentioned, I repeat... convo is in progress.
  7. Some clarification.
    We made a list app but didn't invent lists. 😉
  8. B.J. talks about the app a bit more.
  9. My gifs came out so well,
    and so did B.J. so here's a bonus action pic.
  10. Seth asks him to talk about a he wrote-what talk show hosts say to guests when they go to break.
  11. Thanks for coming on, B.J.!
    My pleasure, Seth!
  12. Thanks for having me!
    Make sure you check out 'The Founder' at a theatre near you! Lots of clapping 👏👏👏👏
  13. Wow! Great show! Thanks to all my guests. More clapping.
    Yes it was. And mostly, thank YOU for the best social media platform there is-Long live!