Stuff Going Away Forever-Ranked

"It was great fun But it was just one of those things." Cole Porter
  1. 4.
    Bust of Bill Cosby, Walt Disney World.
    This bust was in Hollywood Studios Park at WDW. But after Mr. Cosby was accused of MULTIPLE 'indiscretions', it was removed July 8,2015. (My picture, taken when I still respected him)
  2. 3.
    Last VCR will be manufactured this month.
    Pretty much expected. Surprised they lasted long after DVD/Blue Ray had already left VCR's and funky VHS tapes in the dust. (Too soon?)
  3. 2.
    Jobs that are never coming back.
    Middle class, blue collar jobs, manufacturing. The "rapidly emerging economic order" (Time 8/1/16) of automation, artificial intelligence and jobs already lost due to globalization. There are some theories but the outlook is bleak. The young need to innovate-I truly think app creation and cutting your teeth on coherent writing & coding will do you well.
  4. 1.
    My secret life.
    It's that feeling you get when you discover something no one else knows about. That cool band or artist you feel is yours & yours alone-maybe a few close friends share the fun but that's it. The quirky TV show that hasn't hit the mainstream but YOU know about it-your little secret. was that for me for 4 months. Knowing eventually it would be out there but now all is revealed, feeling a bit melancholic. Trade off was worth it 💙More details here BEST MOMENTS FROM THE TEXAS MEET UP (UNRANKED)