Subject to change. I'll try this as a plus list first unless massive high five shut down occurs ✋🏼
  1. First-Original 'Star Wars' opening crawl
    A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....
  2. Middle of Jaws
    Bruce makes his appearance and is ready to rumble.
  3. Last: Alien
    Ridley escapes. She's safe tho the universe isn't.
  4. First: Dates
    We might have something here.
  5. Middle: Third year of marriage
    Honeymoon isn't over
  6. First: Baby animals
    Kittens to puppies to fawns. All of them.
  7. Last: Old elephants, especially the females.
    The elephant alpha-female emerges not according to most aggressive personality, but because of the respect earned by other elephants.
  8. First: Rosebuds
  9. Last: Dried bud
  10. Middle: Children from 6-9
  11. Last: Old people
    Wise or wizened
  12. First Cup of coffee
    It's never better than this
  13. Last: Drink of wine
    And you're ready for another pour
  14. First: New Friends
    Discovery and connection.
  15. Last: Old friends who've weathered the storm with you.
  16. Middle: Ice Cream
    Starting to melt.
  17. First: Beginning of a hike
    Just starting the climb. The switchbacks come later.
  18. Middle of a vacation
    Packing nightmare over. Planes, trains & automobiles are a memory. And still days before you have to leave.
  19. First: Football kickoff
  20. Middle: SUMMER!!
  21. Middle: Baseball's seven inning stretch.
    Best when your team is winning. And it's not a double header. #averylongday
  22. Middle: the foot massage mid pedicure.
  23. Last: Anything having to do with or to hair.
  24. First: Starting a road trip
    Where are the Peachies?
  25. Middle: Stopping for coffee
    Hot latte, cold brew refreshment or frappe, a road trip must.
  26. Last: Reaching your destination.
  27. The End: DESSERT!!
  28. Last: Day of School for the year
    Suggested by @kate81
  29. Anything with cheese in the MIDDLE!!
    Suggested by @cvlop61
  30. the first couple of minutes of a 🚿 or 🛁
    *the best*
    Suggested by @victralala
  31. The first half of Boyhood
    After he becomes a teenager I get so annoyed with the kid I can't even enjoy Ethan Hawke or Patricia Arquette.
    Suggested by @sarahmccoy
  32. Middle: Mid-Summer
    You were reading my mind.
  33. Middle: French toast
    Smothered in real butter and real maple syrup.