The first time but not the only.
  1. I drove before I had my license
    I was 15 and hadn't even gotten my drivers permit. But had taken drivers training & already knew how to drive.
  2. As luck would have it. I was stopped by the police.
    I don't recall the officer saying what he pulled me over for and I was too off balance for my brain to work...
  3. It was total bullshit. I really believe I was pulled over because there were 4-5 people in the car beside myself.
    Yes it was summer, the music was probably loud and we looked like we were up to something. There may have been some cigarettes of various ingredients, to complicate things.
  4. The hassling lasted almost 45 min. My Dad had to come get me, of course, no license.
    My dad wasn't upset. He originally taught me to drive and when finished in school driving class, I had it down. This isn't the first contact I'd had with the court only the last time I was the plaintiff. 12 Steps to a Courtroom Victory
  5. I had to go to court and appear before a judge but the police officer did not show up.
    So the case was dropped.Because I wasn't speeding or other wise breaking the law, I got off with a warning and...
  6. I had to get my drivers license as soon as I turned 16
    On my birthday, I went to the DMV. Driving & written test, passed with flying colors.
  7. The end.