I was holding out cause I'm lazy but here we go. Having no idea who started this, I'm giving inspiration to Amazon Prime. 🤑
  1. Marbled, Swirled, and Layered by Irvin Lin
    Written by one of our own li.sters @eatthelove !!!! I am SO excited to get this cookbook. I preordered 2 copies, one for me and one for a Christmas gift. Just got it but the first thing I'm making is the Jumbo Arnold Palmer cookies, p. 33 for several reasons but I think there's a li.st pending for this cookbook treasure.
  2. Maple Syrup and Pancake/Waffle Mix
    When I went to Vancouver BC, I bought what I thought was pure maple syrup. In a glass bottle shaped like a 🍁. Perfect hostess gift, right? Waffles are made and we pour on the syrup. 😝😝😝!! It's WINE maple syrup! HORRIBLE! After embarrassment, apologizes and laughter, I ordered this as mea culpa. 🙄 Oh, Canada...
  3. Lightning to USB Cable with 6 foot cord.
    My phone can't keep a charge. It's not the phone's fault-I google, take pictures, Yelp, Siri, Waze, podcast, Shazam etc. So on vacation, I'm charging my phone with the conveniently place outlet on the lamp but falling off the bed because the cord is so short. Get home and order 6 ft cord. My neck thanks you Amazon.
  4. Aquafresh Pump
    One of my favorite items, discontinued in the US but I order from the U.K. I don't want to hear it, I'm stubborn but it fits just right in my medicine cabinet. Things I SHOULD have spent ACTUAL time worrying about & https://li.st/angela3950/we-are-a-________-family-4e8Hws8rSlzXfailrqtzo9 My 3rd li.st mention. Obv a favorite.
  5. I Saved Latin! A Tribute to Wes Anderson
    No story here. Just wanted it. (It's not what I expected but it's pretty good)
  6. Downey Wrinkle Releaser
    So I also got this and it works almost as well as the steamer. 😐
  7. Fabric Steamer
    I've had several incarnations but none of them work all that well. Anyone have a steamer that actually works for them?
  8. KitchenAid Mixer
    Wedding gift for my niece. She thoughtfully did her registry through Amazon so all of us out-of-towners could have everything shipped to Texas for free. Things I did differently because of a family wedding
  9. Luggage Scale
    One of the best purchases ever. Wish I'd gotten one years ago. After my trip to NYC in March-when I had to repack before I could check it. Gifts and shopping you know.
  10. Amazon probably carries this too 😂
    FYI if any badoobies need zapping, @jennifergster added link in comments below 😎