Inspired by @LM My new album, "Planes, Trains and a Prius" evokes a longing for the open road but after 24 hours of getting lost, a day drinking too much coffee and a night drinking too much vodka, we remember, there's no place like home 🏡
  1. Zabar Coffee (You're the One)
    Best cuppa comes from NYC-🎼 If you can make it there, you can ship it anywhere 🎼
  2. Fleabag Hotel
    When your Best Western is only average.
  3. Tardy to the Party
    Late leaving town, late meeting friends and late checking in.
  4. Barbie Wired
    An ode to my third Grande Latte today
  5. Luggage Lady
    Giphy downsized medium
    Over packed princess praise cause this baby knows how to pack
  6. Eiffel for you Paree
    A song of longing for culture and meaning amid the ennui of daily life
  7. Portland Bridge Traffic Song
    Hipster buzzkill man. Too many cars and not enough compost.
  8. Licking My Donut Isn't Cool
    A possible bonus track; a exciting, live version with actual background conversation at the hotels' continental breakfast. Still needs editing after the 'incident' and the lawyers settle. Or "Heart Shaped Waffle Shuffle" if Ariana claims intellectual property.
  9. Too Many Pillows
    Pillows, pillows everywhere but none are right.
  10. Charge Me Up
    What makes the world go round? It's a fully charged phone cause if you don't have that, you don't have anything. Sorta like your health but I think we both know which is more important.
  11. Release date unknown. My board of directors think we might be able to make this into a double album with some additional material in the next 5 days... stay tuned to this channel.