I can't translate most of this tbh
  1. "YOU left your meat on the oven, my meat's on the counter.
  2. I don't think you want to hump that.
  3. That was it?
  4. I hope he doesn't screw this up.
  5. Rickie Williams couldn't put the pipe down to have a career.
  6. You can't handle Measly Beasley!
  7. Why do we need McFadden? Trade him for someone who can play.
  8. The Las Vegas Raiders? Oh, there's no money involved there. 🙄
  9. He's with his brother in Buffalo.
    Rex & Rob-the Buffoon Brothers.
  10. He just said fuck.
    Cowboys DC Rod Marinelli said it.
  11. He's a human missile.
    Sean Lee
  12. That'd be a bad name, Dr. Whitehead if you were a dermotologist.
    Player Whitehead.
  13. I like to see a snap over his head.
  14. Pork of the orchard.
    Don't ask me.
  15. Time to eat.