This thing might just catch on
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    What I do on is the same for YouTube
    We all do look up a Fallon lipsync sketch, then notice Emma Stone singing Pocketful of Sunshine and on & on till you look at the clock and 45 minutes is gone. When I start reading lists, I see similar lists, find an especially good one, like that writer's subjects, then read 4 or 5 of theirs and bam, an hour is gone πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜
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    You read ALL the comments on some lists
    Like all 38 of them! Half the time the interactions within the comments are just as wonderful as the original list.
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    Likes, re-lists and comments show the love around here is abundant! β€οΈπŸ” πŸ—£
    Listers are generous with their likes and feel safe saying what's on their minds. (pretty much true...some have said they carefully chose words so as not to offend)
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    Background items in a listers profile photo can be so much more revealing.
    Stacks of books, piles of clothes, nature settings, beaches are popular too.
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    One list a day keeps writers block away?
    Listers who add at least one or more lists a day. No judgement here, just an observation. And I'm guilty as well.
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    Reading one or two listers old lists with the best titles.
    That's you today @PeteOnEarth & @ItsTheRealAJ So little time, so many lists. Was gonna request a list but you've probably already done it πŸ†
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    Being around smart people makes me feel smarter too