Who says you can't teach an old lister new tricks? THINGS I DO, NOTICE AND LOVE ABOUT li.st
  1. I always ❤️ li.st's so that BIG RED heart shows up.
    Instead of liking a list after you've gotten to the bottom, scroll back up to the middle. Press the little heart, bottom left, and watch the BIG heart appear to warm yours!!
  2. Listing 'flow.'
    How can I become SO focused on reading lists and writing lists that literally hours pass. See this self flagellating li.st- Why I'm ridiculous And this flow specific li.st. Flow-Lost in Space
  3. Emoji overload & overuse
    This isn't really li.st specific but related. I sometimes look at my 🕘 (recently used emoji) and try to find something new. Do we all tend to use our favorites over and over?
  4. I started using 💝 emoji when I noticed @kcupcaker using it.
    Hope you don't mind my co-opting it. It's more heartfelt than a plain heart and it's a gift wrapped piece of love.
  5. Realizing I'm as much a curator as I am a creator.
    Coming up with clever and unique thoughts is about equal to my li.st compilations. But I can curate the shit out of certain things.
  6. li.st world or the li.st-luminati
    Cool and interesting strangers I've met, on a plane, as a server or salesperson, I really want to ask them, are you on li.st? It's like a secret world people don't talk about openly. But they're out there 👽
  7. Judging things in lists that aren't important
    I try not to. Sometimes I can totally overlook spelling, grammar goofs, (e.g. everyone's pet peeve-your, you're or yore, etc.) and punctuation. Other times I TOTALLY can not. Pedantic, occasionally, I am. (Feel free to point out any errors in my lists-I strive to be better and sometimes I need constructive criticism)
  8. Two ways to view a li.st
    The li.st app has lots of little options I appreciate. You can scroll up and down or across. With photos or GIFs, I like the Tinder version 🔥,sideways swipes and the better picture views.
  9. If I stopped following you...
    It's 99% likely we don't have a lot in common or your subject matter isn't relevant to me. I've never blocked anyone (yet) cause it's easy for me to read, shrug and forget about it 5 minutes later. Melanie also said it well in this li.st Will I Read Your List? 🤔
  10. 99% chance I'll spell li.st like this.
    Not sure why. It seems like it should be honored the way it was designed. Also because it shows up as a link? Idk
  11. I totally get a kick out of liking and relisting li.st's, from say 2015, then watching them get a blast of activity and start trending!
    Because really, there are so many wonderful li.sts out there new and old listers might not have had a chance to see.
  12. I didn't make a Rules li.st because
    Shanaz made one that has everything I would say and did it better than I could. https://li.st/shanaz/my-rules-of-list-5cQP4bGRbbwwQKUiLJYWCM
  13. Feeling free to publish a li.st without expectations.
    As said before-the relative EFFORT doesn't necessarily translate to a trending masterpiece. Sometimes you work hard on a li.st and it bombs. Other times, something just works. I'm pleased to have produced some trending li.sts so a calm has set in. Love this app and the people in it but if it went away tomorrow, life would still go on 😊
  14. Fear of being the first person to like a li.st
    Sometimes. Am I too eager, obvious sign of un-coolness? Maybe misunderstanding the subject, then parading my stupidity to the world? Have I joined in on a conversation meant for others? 🤔
  15. Volume 3 pending.
    To be continued 💫