Third installment of my meandering brain waves.
  1. Guilt over premature Trending
    The first rush of activity causing a 'Woo Hoo! You're Trending' banner but by day end you had 14 likes. Trend guilt=I'm a Fraud li.ster 😢
  2. Lists people write about being 'unfollowed'
    A lot of unnecessary angst. I'd worry if some of your interactors/friends dumped you. I don't even know how many I've had & lost but I do know I gained a shitload when my was featured. Like by about 50.
  3. About that Featured List...
    My first (and probably last one) to be featured. I saw the getting a mad rush of ❤️ but no biggie. It trended (I've had a fair amount do so-still a thrill) so ok. But when the banner notification with all that glorious confetti said FEATURED, the blood (or ego 🤔) rushed to my head. Me so happy. Anthropologie, Are we on the same page anymore?
  4. Another 'Featured' discovery
    It appears, though I have no proof, that a is featured when you get to 75 ❤️s. I previously thought those lists were CHOSEN by staff but now I think li.stbot is the chooser. Update: I checked and some featured li.sts are at 50 now so idk. Also see comments below-still no proof but we have theories 🤔
  5. Getting the @bjnovak Seal of Approval ❤️
    Well, it's kind of cool actually. I've heard it was a thing, reserved for the superstars in the firmament or a myth like a unicorn. But it's real and its spectacular 😉
  6. So one more thing on the BJ Novak like
    He liked this THINGS I DO, NOTICE AND LOVE ABOUT VOLUME 2 the same day as my featured but not THAT Maybe it was just a coincidence.
  7. Can the creators/moderators/staff see our unpublished drafts?
    God I hope not. Because if so, the most hated person on won't be @drugs anymore. Kidding, I just wanted to say that.
  8. You have 1 Mutual Friend (wait. what?)
    Me & Dusty at D23 Disney Expo 2015. Must have been a Facebook notification from fb page cause I honestly do not spend more than 5 minutes on it anymore (it just makes me sad) So while looking at whatever, I see @Nicholas Nicholas Kraft, I click and next to his tiny profile pic, it says you have one mutual friend! And the person is ALSO on but hasn't made one yet. (it's a small world after all 😂)
  9. Several times a week, I think this whole thing is rather silly and pointless. No offense.
    As enjoyable as it can be at times, I see the endeavor as ultimately equivalent to a run around a track. Invigorating and good for your heart & circulation but gets you nowhere in the end.
  10. users have freedom here to be more authentic.
    An obvious observation but I will articulate. There is freedom in a space where you can be honest, be yourself and be the person you are NOW. Not the person you WERE before you learned a thing or two. Not the person you were before experience or therapy or meds (whatever the answer was for you) Still working things out? Writing was part of therapy when I was grieving and apparently is helpful still 😊. Oh and anonymity-it helps too.
  11. Unfollowing people. No hard feelings, truly.
    I unfollowed about 150 people the other day. I had double the followers than were following me. I get that my humor/aesthetic/ subject matter may not resonate with everyone and vise versa. I've been on here 5 months and have 130+ lists so if you aren't following me by now, that's cool.
  12. Acceptance.
    I've come to accept most of my lists get 15-20 likes. Lists I write of a confessional nature or a personal revelation get more attention. But lists where I write about stuff OTHER than myself are more fun for me.