1. My lists have a summation.
    If you don't have time for it all, skip to the end. They generally don't meander aimlessly like a stream. A punchline, an endgame. Unlike most SNL skits.
  2. If I get a ❤️ from a lister, it's not unusual for me to reread it, imagining what it would sound like to them, based on what I feel I know about them.
    This is when I go, look at that extra 'that' or just too many 'just's'. Or an 's on just. Good Lord.
  3. She has some of the best lists
    but @jennifergster has some of the best titles and comments too! So specifically funny for the topic and makes you feel like she's laughing WITH you, not at you. 💞
  4. PLEASE li.st! Fix whatever is preventing the 'save changes' when you're creating a list!!
    @list or @listbot I spent TWO HOURS adding text (already had the pictures) and was exiting out, saved my work and when I went back all my brilliance was gone. 😡
  5. List Requests are nice,
    don't get me wrong, but personally they haven't been as well received as lists I've come up with myself. Anyone else have the same experience? There are a few exceptions - so thank you to these LR's. Looking at you @cvlop61 💝
  6. Sometimes I wonder what I did or said that made someone who always liked and commented on my lists, suddenly stop.
    Was I mean and didn't know it? Was I thoughtless or unkind? Too crude? Grammar or syntax or spelling errors too egregious to tolerate? Don't like my subject matter or just boring? I don't dwell but I do wonder.
  7. Wish li.st could make pictures to zoom & maximize their size.
    I've gotten the magnifying glass out to see pics with the printed word, such as greeting card messages and the like.
  8. I've started to use li.st as...wait for it..
    Making actual li.st's to digitally store memories. Movies & plays I haven't seen yet and the ones I have. Places I've been and songs I don't want to forget. Weird huh?
  9. Listing sometimes has a life of its own.
    Often I have a clear plan of content and what I want to say. Other times I have a seed of an idea and it builds organically. Those can be the most satisfying if you don't hold on to something good but not right for the piece. That might be the hardest thing of all
  10. Having someone with a lot of followers, like your list, has a domino effect.
    Obviously the likes are important cause they're the tangible expression. Getting more exposure to groups and people is the pleasant by-product. ☺️
  11. I discovered something JUST now!!
    I hear things, said in my best De Niro. Things like, I don't know how many lists I have anymore. I accidentally stumbled upon the answer. When opening my weekly li.st email, a suggestion list I had contributed to was on there PEOPLE WHO WHEN YOU HEAR THEIR NAMES YOU'RE LIKE, "YEAH, SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT"I scrolled through till found mine (#selfabsorbed), clicked my @angela3950 and (see photo 👆🏼) appeared with my list stats.
  12. IMO Saturday is the worst day to li.st.
    Since no one's going to read this cranky bitch fest, I'll slip it in today while nobody's looking. 😉
  13. 👏🏼👏🏼 A compliment to li.st is in order.
    Losing drafts was pretty rough (we'll leave trending and relist alone-ancient history) but I was even more bummed about not being able to go back and correct grammar & spelling. I'd messed up 'loose' instead of 'lose' and 'bath' instead of 'bathe'. So today I was gonna add more bitching to this list and thought, let me go back to see if I could fix it first. What do you know 😳, it let me!! Thank you li.st admins. Much appreciated. 💖
  14. Adding to 'The More You Know' about the new update.
    So-now you can chose who you share a li.st with. Create your list, top right hand corner tap the group icon and you can choose Everyone or individuals. What I learned today is each person you selected, gets a DM (direct message). That's great if that's what you want but I thought it would just not be visible to certain people. Lesson learned.
  15. Sooo...
    I wanted to share something I saw on Black-ish last night to what I thought was an existing list. Not there. Oh, it's one of the elusive drafts-open it up-I can see lots of time's been spent already but I don't have time rn to clean it up. Missing quotation, spelling goofs etc. so I add the bullet item, realizing I've got to publish or gahhh, lose it all. Sound familiar? Anyway FYI Movie & TV Wisdom 📂 a mess I'll clean up later 🤷🏼‍♀️
  16. Concerning drafts-dumping and deleting.
    Wanted to delete some of the drafts in the email (yep, OCD), I opened one 'Drafts of Drafts'-two items so it's getting dumped. Opened it, then closed it thinking it would be gone. No. Reopened draft and deleted everything, closed out. Opened it up again, everything was back, the same. What eventually worked was publishing it, then deleting it right afterward. If anyone has a better solution, let me know 🙏🏼
  17. Here's a new (to me) li.st hack I just confirmed today
    thanks to @cvlop61 letting me test out my theory. With running lists like we're doing these days, once you ❤️, a li.st, one feels like you're basically done unless you comment on each addition. SO if you want a notification (re) sent to show your continued affection, UNLIKE the li.st and then ❤️ it again. Notification sent, love proclaimed and all is well. But you probably already knew this. Think either @michellejennifer or @victralala or @nikkilounoel might have done it on one of my lists 💕
  18. The weird joy of concurrently communicating with the same person on li.st and Instagram
    and occasionally on Twitter-but not as much. Right @Diplomatic_diva ?