Things I SHOULD have spent ACTUAL time worrying about

Guess I should have started worrying sooner. Inspired by @dariela96 for title & @katherinelee for Here's What You Should Tell Your Friends Who Aren't Voting
  1. Is Clinique going to discontinue my perfect match, just right matte, Superfit foundation?
    Yep, about 5 years ago. Should have planned ahead.
  2. Is Nexxus going to discontinue my hair straightening blow out spray?
    Yes, 3 years ago. Should have stocked up.
  3. Is Aquafresh toothpaste going to discontinue the pump container?
    Only unavailable in America-I now get it from the UK. Should have found an alternative.
  4. Will America's citizenry discontinue standing up for the Bill of Rights by giving up their voting privilege?
    It's not too late to register in most states. Here's a link to check the deadline in yours. Scroll down to How to Register to Vote, click deadlines, select state. ✔️
  5. You don't want to say 'I should have' voted, do you?
    The time to worry is now. Toothpaste is trivial, voting is not. 🇺🇸