Rules for me that make sense
  1. Never take off the original tag of clothes you haven't worn yet.
    You're SURE you're going to wear it then it never happens. Reselling New With Tags can get you almost retail on eBay.
  2. Read reviews of makeup, moisturizers and hair products before purchasing.
    Simple enough. Because once you've spent $55 on foundation that turns you into a greasy mess, it might have been avoided reading a few reviews.
  3. First look at the lowest ratings for ANYTHING you're buying first.
    You can locate the products' Achilles heel right away with this simple action. For me it works as a good deterrent cause I don't need everything I see. Also anything that has a problem or SOUNDS like it might have a problem, I'm out.
  4. Access the NEED vs WANT ratio.
    Sometimes you just WANT it and logic or common sense will not dissuade you. Other times a bit of looking ahead (will I really use it, is it practical for my lifestyle, am I just trying to keep up, fit in or be one of the cool kids?)
  5. How many of these do I already own or have duplicates of?
    Looking at you striped tops coming out of every drawer and closet. #afrenchgirlinshirtonly
  6. If you're upgrading to a better product, can you get a rebate on the old item or sell it on eBay?
    Or maybe it's still got some life for the donation box. If you've got the stamina for listing and packing and weighing and going to the post office to ship the item, eBay could work for you. I've sold 86 items and it's a lot of work. But I've made $987.32. TBH reclaiming money I spent on stuff I mostly didn't use.