list/ noun 1. a number of connected items or names written or printed consecutively, typically one below the other. I've been here only a week and already am perplexed. (Update: this has been in drafts for two months and OMG it's still true)
  1. β€’
    Lists with one item
    Or one number listed 8 times. I guess it's a list but really?
  2. β€’
    Lists with one item = Facebook
    If you post one item, wait for likes and people comment then you have Facebook or Instagram, fb's better looking little brother.
  3. β€’
    Lists that I keep reading over and over
    So many lists-how could it happen that I would zero in on the same ones? Maybe it's me just drawn to the heading
  4. β€’
    Pandering to the list creators
    We're gonna make a list that somehow works in the @ names dev or BJ or anyone who was in The Office. I'm not gonna do it unless directly relevant.
  5. β€’
    You save a draft and the blue banner appears
    Am I the only one that always looks? It looks just like someone just πŸ‘πŸΌor πŸ—£ on your list.
  6. β€’
    Using an excess of curse words.
    Looking to shock or be cool? Really I can't think of much that would shock someone and it's not gonna be any word, that's for sure. A well placed fuck has more impact when used sparingly. We all know body parts names-the real names, the slang names. We all have the Internet, Urban Dictionary. And don't call me pedantic.
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    You are shitting me!
    You got 37 likes on THAT? No shit. Wow. I'm not sure if I'm at the right place-maybe I belong back at Facebook where everything is banal and pointless.
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    The list you had in drafts looks unrecognizable when it actually gets published.
    You suddenly see all the typos, grammatical errors and the GIFs have no connection to your subject
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    I read this list and it was πŸ’― true
    Algorithm For Trending Lists If my list here is getting a bit snarky and not so much fun, she says the same thing only it's much more entertaining. @notme
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    'Insert name' is now following you.
    But they don't comment or ❀️ any of your lists. If they're bothering to follow you, wouldn't that be the starting point?
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    If I publish this will I be celebrated or will I become a pariah?
    Interesting to see some lists that are snarky and rude get a lot of support and others rather benign get full force fury. Or do lists like this get someone kicked off list? I knew I should have tried to make this funny...
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    Ok, now you can let her rip...