Guess I'll jump on this nostalgia train. Inspired by @nelle and everyone else.
  1. Rice-a-Roni
    Chicken flavor. Was a regular side dish with pork chops. Makes sense 🙃
  2. Lipton Soup Mix
    Dry, tiny noodles and a lump of that same chicken spice mix, similar to Rice-a-Roni only solid not powdery. It's mixed with water and boiled for 5 minutes. Taste A+
  3. Turkey Lunch Meat on whole wheat bread
    My everyday school lunch. I'd never had a peanut butter sandwich (and jelly, though minor point in this story) till I was about 8 or 9. At a friend's house for lunch. And I'm like, MOM! Why don't WE have peanut butter sandwiches? Because I don't like peanut butter, she says. That's child abuse, I say.
  4. Spam
    Only for breakfast but still, yuk.
  5. Pepsi Cola
    Aunt Ruth only bought RC Cola. My mom only bought Pepsi Cola. Sibling rivalry spilling over into a cola war. But they all agreed CocaCola was the worst. 😳
  6. Trix
    Always in the house cause my dad liked it. (I'm more of a Lucky Charms sort of girl myself) You could almost taste the Red Dye #2
  7. Ovaltine
    My mom's choice of chocolate milk flavoring. 12 vitamins & minerals was Ovaltine's claim to fame-all I know is the malt flavor was delicious.
  8. Fish Sticks & Tater Tots
    Wow, let the kids make their own dinner!! Thanks Mom!
  9. Six-lets
    My favorite penny candy purchase. The chocolate center has a completely different taste than M&M's AND you can still get a bag for $1 at Target 🍬