10 hours till show time. Highland, CA. Still wondering What Would Jerry Do? This could be a list about nothing
  1. GPS Start Location
    Hwy 210. Should we go to Big Bear or Redlands? Redlands is closer and I'm gonna need a nap
  2. Check out the Edwards Mansion
    The magnificent Edwards mansion was built in 1890 by James S. Edwards, pioneer citizen and citrus grower.
  3. In window of The Blues-Antiques
    How does Lynyrd Skynyrd get top billing over The Rolling Stones and then we'll throw in Todd, at the bottom. No hate mail please.
  4. Vintage, not vintage signs
    Keep Redlands Weird somehow doesn't work
  5. Brazilian Wax
    Just a little off the side...
  6. A. K. Smiley Public Library
    Added to list of National Register of Historic places, 1976. It houses a collection of materials on native tribes in California donated by Andrew Carnegie. Impressive.
  7. The Lincoln Memorial Shrine
    The only Lincoln museum west of the Mississippi! Now I'm starting to feel guilty for mentally dismissing this place.
  8. Inside the Lincoln Shrine
    Deserves another photo and last one-my battery died 😤
  9. Bricks and Birch
    Iced coffees and a chocolate cheesecake to share.
  10. Nap time
    Exploring Redlands has exceeded all expectations. Jerry better bring it tonight-the gauntlet has been thrown