Decided to put my money where my mouth is and get involved this election. I can't do anything about the candidates, or the ridiculous delegate/electoral process (IMHO) but this, I can do.
  1. The Presidential Election is also known as the General Election.
    Same thing. If you hear 'gubernatorial election' this means you're voting for your state's Governor. Gub for Gov.
  2. YOUNG people are needed in this process!!!
    The average age of the workers today was about 70 years old. There were TWO out of the forty participants under 30. I bet if you asked your employer for the day off to work at a polling place, they very likely would say yes, think you are amazing AND still might pay you!!
  3. If you chose American Independent Party, you can't vote for anybody you want...
    AIP is an actual, separate party just like Democrats or Republican. If you chose this affiliation, you will be handed a ballot for this party and can only vote for their candidates. You can re-register but it's too late now for the primary. Still time for the November election.
  4. There are 7 separate ballots-a different one for each party.
    Each political party has a separate ballot with THEIR candidates as well as space for 'write-in's' (Mickey Mouse has been a popular write-in choice since 1932) The parties are Republican, Democratic, American Independent, Green, Libertarian and Peace & Freedom. No Party Preference has its own ballot-in other words, you can still vote even if you're not aligned with a particular party.
  5. A poll worker starts at 6 AM and works until 9 PM on Election Day.
    An hour before polls open, poll workers make sure all signs, instructions and voting machines are in place. Voting machines are checked-ballots, rosters and ePollBook are ready.
  6. You get paid to be a poll worker!
    In California (Humboldt County) a 'clerk' makes $111.00 for the day. I didn't know there was money involved when I signed up...humblebrag, but it's true.
  7. If I haven't lost you yet...
    There's SO much more about the process I could tell you. About the voting machine for disabled voters (Disabled Accessible Unit) or option of CURBSIDE voting if you can't get out of the car, or the padlocks on the ballot box and that when the polls open, the inspector must state, out LOUD "The polls are now open".
  8. Never think your vote doesn't count ➡️
  9. Last words? You can still participate in this election and that means VOTE!!!!!!
    Soapbox surrendered 🗳