In a galaxy & a memory far, far away. This dude from my past wants to be my Facebook friend.
  1. He saw my post in a fb group for our hometown.
    That's how he found me but clearly wasn't looking. Obviously a 'Oh, I know her' click, send request. Lazy but curious.
  2. What I remember
    I met him at a party. I thought he was cute. Better than average dresser. Shorter than me. Grade ahead of me, older. More articulate than most other guys. But that's it.
  3. I said, I remember you. We went on one date.
    He did take me to Hollywood (we lived in the OC) for dinner, drinks and a walk around Hollywood & Vine.
  4. He said, I remember that date. Sorry. Have you forgiven me? What??
    I have no idea what he's referring to. Was he trying to get lucky and I said no? Or did I say yes and he never called afterward? Why is this pissing me off?
  5. Are you kidding me??
    Calm down 💊
  6. Should I accept this request?
    Now I want to know what the hell happened. I can always unfriend him. After all, he lives 675 miles away.
  7. We talked a little more on and off.
    I'll admit, I was a little judgy when he wasn't the erudite person I'd imagined/remembered him to be. Seemed to be uninformed, stuck in the past and clearly over estimated his non-existent charm. He's 'one less thing to worry about now' because like Facebook, he also feels like a distant memory 😎