Was your first list in May? Did you also see B. J. Novak on the Today Show? What's your story? Raise your hand & add your name or your story to this little li.st 😘
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    @angela3950 (Me) 5/15/16 Heard about the app on the Today Show. Lists keep me sane IRL and I knew this was for me. http://www.today.com/video/b-j-novak-why-i-developed-my-list-app-683486275991
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    @thparker42 5/14/16
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    @victorious 5/14/16
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    @apennyforthem 5/14/16
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    @joelscorp 5/13/16
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    @mnc1971 5/14/16
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    @NumbahTwo 5/13 I saw BJ on Conan & The Daily Show on back to back nights I think. I'm not totally sure though, because I DVR everything.
    Suggested by @NumbahTwo
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    Your lists are sharp & clever and you're a nice person to everyone.
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    I live in the Bay Area, so I read about li.st app on Tech Crunch
    Because you can't escape the defining industries of your particular region. Yup, it was during BJ's Spring publicity blitz. Couldn't believe it had escaped my notice before! My first list was about pop culture from me childhood that my kids are now into: My Childhood Pop Culture That My Kids Now Adore
    Suggested by @dreadpiratemama
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    @dubraker 5/11/16
    Your first list-Reasons I downloaded this app Reasons I downloaded this app
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    @talor 5/12/16
    You have the most thought provoking li.st's and you're sincere.
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    @llcooljoss 5/14/16
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    @girlsnight 5/20/16
    "I saw BJ Novak when he was with Andy Cohen. His education intrigued me as well"
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    @bluepuddles 5/17/16
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    @sararuffa 5/15/16
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    @olivia_michele 5/15/2016
    I saw @bjnovak on the Daily Show and was intrigued but didn't do anything about it. Later, I saw an interview with him on The Late Show with Steven Colbert and finally decided to check it out! From then onβ€” I was hooked!
    Suggested by @olivia_michele
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    @hillary79 5/11/2016
    Suggested by @hillary79
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    5/10. I saw a picture of BJ introducing li.st on Flipboard and read the article.
    Immediate download.
    Suggested by @lyssjo
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    I got to beta test the app on Android so my first post was technically in April 2016. Does that still count?
    Suggested by @RyanDangerSims
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    My first one was three weeks ago. My supper cool friend @delorali heard about it and told me to look into it and when @delorali tells me something I listen because she is very, very wise. I love it here and I am never ever leaving
    Suggested by @karlalucia
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    I, too, saw BJ with @andycohen on WWHL & downloaded immediately
    Suggested by @taylormorley
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    May 11, 2016 (I think)
    This was the date I saw @bjnovak instagram post. At that time it was the only social media app that I more than passively participated in. The reason I decided to follow him was because I was completely enthralled with One More Thing. I did not put together his involvement in Li.st at time and I'm still not sure I fully understand. I make lists everyday so I was curious how this could be a social activity and if it was then I found my people. Sorry this so long!
    Suggested by @theshome
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    @salsa my bff @shanaz told me about this app and then invited me to brooklyn li.st live, which I believe is the same day I created my first list!
    Suggested by @salsa
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    5/14/2016 The Daily Show
    I'll try any social media to see if it's better than the garbage pile that is my Facebook feed.
    Suggested by @kamina
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    My boo @taramont told me about this app because I'm a writer & have a whole lotta sass to share with the world πŸ’…πŸΌ My 1st list exercised said sass by making fun of my alma mater, University of San Diego: ✏️ WHAT UNIVERSITY OF SAN DIEGO TAUGHT ME pt. 1
    Suggested by @yourgirlriri
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    Matt @obie Oberlin 05/09/2016
    As a fan of the office and an Android user I had the fortune of hearing about this app closer to when it first launched a while back when BJs list of post-2014 office episode ideas list was making the rounds, and the misfortune of having a device that wasn't supported by the App. I was skimming Twitter when I heard that the Android version was finally released and I immediately downloaded it and started 10 lists.
    Suggested by @obie
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    @JuneCleaver67 - 5/11/16 - after I saw @bjnovak on tv - maybe CBS w/ Charlie, Gayle & Nora? And I was intrigued and promptly googled this BJ Novak fellow to become acquainted w/ his work. Guess I missed the party but happy to be here now! πŸ€“
    Suggested by @JuneCleaver67
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    Saw you on the Daily Show and you and Trevor were cutting up. Immediately downloaded the app.
    Suggested by @Dwade65
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    Completely by accident. I didn't read or see *anything* about it. Just bopping around GooglePlay, happened to notice the "not for groceries" & so had to look. My 1st list was 3 wks ago-can't figure out how to see the exact date. Usually I'll lurk MUCH longer before trying to join in but the ppl here seemed oddly, wonderfully nice for the internetπŸ’•
    Suggested by @kaelliope
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    @kellykock 5/17/16
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    I was on fb and @Bourdain shared a li.st and I thought the format was pretty cool so clicked a link to li.st and snooped around a minute, downloaded the app and made my first li.st. I quickly realized that I had found my new social media home. I love Li.st πŸ’œ
    Suggested by @kellykock
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    My friend @obie started reading lists off his phone to me and mentioned the app so I thought I'd just check it out. Didn't think I'd really spend much time on it, but I especially like reading other people's travel and Harry Potter lists ⚑️🌎
    Suggested by @jmewants2travel
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    @Jvg0122 5/11/16
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    Like many others, I saw the launch last year. From afar, I watched iPhone users enjoy the app and I cried on the inside (cuz I'm a winner. Jk) When List became li.st and opened its doors to Android users, I pushed my way to the front of the line and shoved my ass in. Li.st and I have been in love ever since.
    Suggested by @Jvg0122
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    My mother is a Today show fanatic and told me about it. I had a "Boredom Book" when I grew up which was really just a binder full of lists! It was, and still is, one of my favorite pastimes. This app is πŸ‘Œ.
    Suggested by @OliviaHunsaker
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    @zacHL 5/17/16 "For me it was all about the Daily Show. I'm a Trevor Noah fan and the app seemed cool. They made a point of how nice people were!"
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    @H3Dakota 5/12/16
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    @paigeevelyn 5/13/16
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    @Dashelamet 5/30/16
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    @SarahMoore 5/27/16
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    @kelseyV 5/4/16
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    @pathb 5/25/16
    I don't remember what brought me here, but through the changes, I am still here.
    Suggested by @pathb
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    @cvlop61 I did see @bjnovak on The Today Show, but my first li.st wasn't until 6/14/16
    Suggested by @cvlop61
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    Let me be the first to wish all the May 2016 listers...
    What a year it's been!! Life changing for most of us. Friends we'd never have met otherwise. Good times and not so good times, we've laughed and cried, supported and nurtured, learned and grown, together. Here's to you πŸ₯‚πŸΎπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰