Not that there's anything wrong with it
  1. So...we're big fans of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Jerry Seinfeld's show on Crackle.
    He picks up various funny people, in a car chosen especially for said funny person. They drive around for awhile ending up at a coffee shop or restaurant and toss witty banter at each other.
  2. Comedians in Cars.
    Coffee coming up.
  3. We'd watched the episode, The Volvo-ness, with Kristen Wiig the week before a planned a trip to SoCal.
    Plans for golf on Sunday and Disneyland on Tuesday, left Monday open to ideas on what to do. Hey, let's go to Hollywood! Maybe Beverly Hills or Rodeo Drive and somehow squeeze in a trip to the restaurant where the episode was filmed, LA's iconic House of Pies.
  4. Static
  5. GPS led us easily to House of Pies.
    We park in a very empty parking lot. A little embarrassed, I took a picture. I mean, I grew up in Orange County so LA isn't all that mysterious. But I've been gone a long time.
  6. Static
  7. We go inside.
    Not to crap on the place right off the bat but it's kinda...basic. Like a Denny's or dare I say, Waffle House 😬 I didn't take any photos of the front. Here's Jerry & Kristen making their entrance.
  8. We're surprisingly giddy that we're here.
    We discuss whether we're in the EXACT booth they sat in. WE ARE!! Is that the same server? Nah-too old. Oh yeah, there's the door to the patio.
  9. Menus and coffee.
    We'll get breakfast and a slice of pie after.
  10. Look they actually make the pies here. Cool.
    It is called, House of Pies. 🙄
  11. Static
    If you aren't watching this show, you should check it out.
  12. Static
  13. Static
    Kristen is so funny but doesn't think she is. We do.
  14. Breakfast is pretty...basic.
    Scrambled eggs, those dried out hash browns and cold toast. We didn't actually come to eat anyway, no big deal. Coffee was good.
  15. Still looking around, trying not to be obnoxious.
    Nothing to see tbh. But we were here in the same place as we'd seen in the show. Not as exciting as we'd imagined.
  16. Time for pie.
    We split a piece of apple pie a la mode. What? No top crust. Bah. So much for their claim to fame. I should have gotten the lemon meringue. Jerry & Kristen got Fresh Peach 🍑
  17. Ok. Let's go. Time to check out the surrounding area.
    We're on Los Feliz. Here's the theatre. Looked like a classic movie house, I'd watch The French Connection or a Alien marathon.
  18. Static
    Can you make out the theatre?
  19. Street Art on a side street.
    Opposite the House of Pies. (My photo)
  20. Static
    You can kinda make out Uma.
  21. Oh, hey. I think they went in here.
    Cool little bookstore. I could hang out here for hours. My photo 📸
  22. Static
    Skylight Books
  23. Static
  24. Static
  25. Jerry lets Kristen drive.
    Seat belts first.
  26. More street art. More side streets.
    Are we getting lost?
  27. Capitol Records building.
    We tried to go inside but they don't have tours. Then a girl came out who looked like Sara Bareilles and we followed her for three blocks. Nah, jk. Or did we?
  28. Last, we went to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
    This was the only star I felt compelled to photograph for obvious reasons. It was really fantastic.
  29. Two Tourists Getting Coffee.
    The end.