Unintentional Comedy at the House Intelligence Committee Hearings and WH Shenanigans

Mainly FBI Director James Comey trying to keep a straight face. πŸ˜‘
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    Comey "We try very hard not to engage in any 'isms' of any kind including McCarthyism.'
    When asked if the FBI was engaged in McCarthyism.
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    "The department has no information that supports those tweets"
    "Fake, fake, fake, fake" Elaine Benes. Concerning President Trump's tweets accusing President Obama of illegal wiretapping. See below
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    "I'm not going to try to characterize those 'tweets' themselves"
    No individual has the authority to ask for wiretapping to occur. "It's a rigorous, rigorous process that involves all three branches of government and it's one we've lived with since the '70's." πŸ•ΊπŸΏ
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    "Watergate was a series of break-ins and coverups"
    NOT comparable to Watergate in any way as described by Pres. Trump in his accusatory tweet. Referred to as Mr. Trump here 😏
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    Comey disputes ALL claims there was any wiretapping at Trump Towers.
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    F.B.I. Director James Comey Is Fired by Trump
    Remember Sessions, who recused himself from Russia investigation, has fired the leader of that investigation, Comey. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/05/09/us/politics/james-comey-fired-fbi.html Though Comey's testimony had 'mistakes' this firing has worrisome overtones.
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    I know it's not really funny...
    but this cover 😱 Check out the 'pilot'. The plane is going down people.
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    Oh snap.
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    Will the REAL Senator Wyden, please stand up.
    Or Funkhouser. 😳
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    Judy: "The president is calling it a witchhunt, David. The White House is saying he isn't going to fire the special counsel but it's not clear. There have been reports out about that"
    David: "Well it may be a witchhunt but he's acting like a witch"
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    For awhile it sounded like Sessions was out but like all solid relationships, the silent treatment/backstabbing combo works wonders.